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Disambig icon.png This article is about a partially retired mechanic. For the reworked version of this mechanic, see Defiance bar.



Effect type
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Immune to crowd control. Crowd-control skills remove stacks of defiance

— In-game description

Defiance is an effect that grants immunity to most control effects. It is caused by Unshakable, an ability possessed by some champion and legendary rank enemies. Since Heart of Thorns expansion, new and most of the existing enemy NPCs instead use a reworked version of this mechanic called Defiance bar.[1]

When a creature with the Unshakable effect is successfully affected by a control effect, the creature will gain a minimum of 3 stacks of defiance, but potentially many more depending on how many players are nearby, based on event scaling. Stacks of defiance can be removed with additional control effects, and once all stacks are removed, the creature is vulnerable to control effects once again, and the cycle repeats. When no stacks of defiance are present, a control skill can apply control to the creature, but it will also apply defiance, preventing further crowd control from being applied until removed. For example, interrupting will have no effect unless no defiance is present; if no defiance is present, the creature can be interrupted but this will immediately apply more defiance.



  1. ^ Defiance was reworked to perform as a phase of the Defiance bar instead. Only some enemies, such as Bria or the Alpha Drake still use the old defiance system.