Gladium Canton

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Gladium Canton

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Map of Gladium Canton

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Gladium Canton, also known as The Gallows or The Shallows, is a run-down grotto at the base of the Black Citadel. It resides over a basin of water, and is the home to various gladia, as well as two humans who were former prisoners of war until the truce that was established in 1324 AE. Several sylvari can also be found living here as well.


Waypoint (map icon).png Gladium Waypoint —
Vista (map icon).png Gladium Canton Vista —
This vista is extremely easy to get to, as it's on ground level. Simply head to the spot via the catwalks.





Karma Merchant (map icon).png Dolus
Merchant (vendor icon).png Junoh
Merchant (vendor icon).png Urvan

Ambient dialogue[edit]

Gil Grittongue: You the soldiers I'm supposed to meet?
Roz Swishtail: Yeah. I checked in with my tribune this morning, registered myself as gladium.
Dann Sharpclaw: Me too.
Gil Grittongue: Good. It's my job to get you settled and talk to you about your options. To the east there, you'll find one of them: the Vigil Chapterhouse. Now, follow me.
Citizen: Did you hear the Heart warband is in town? They're passing through, on their way to Diessa Plateau.
Citizen: Magic can be a powerful tool, but no way I'd trust my life to it.
Citizen: Where's my knapsack? Oh, yeah. That devourer...
Citizen: Nothing like hunting deer in the morning sun.
Citizen: This proposed truce with humans isn't going to be an easy bone for either side to swallow.
Citizen: The asura who operates that gate has nerves of steel. He stands out there every day, even knowing what's under his feet.
Soldier: When I look down into the pit of what was once Rin, I'm awed by the magnitude of our victory.
Plebeian (1): How do you deal with all the threats and violence here?
Plebeian (2): It's not as bad as the human cities.
Plebeian (1): You're kidding.
Plebeian (2): I know when a charr wants to fight. Humans aren't as honest.
Plebeian (1): How can you put up with it? The anger...the violence...
Plebeian (2): The world's changing. This place is safe. Outside, it's getting worse.
Plebeian: Welcome to the Shallows! Would do you like to buy some leafy greens?
Soldier: No, thank you. Greens are for civilians. Soldiers eat meat.
Plebeian: With all due respect, I think diplomacy and tact are required.
Citizen: What? You think I should lie?
Plebeian: The matter requires subtlety.
Citizen: Better to resolve it quickly, once and for all.
Plebeian: Why can't the charr be more polite?
Citizen: You don't understand. He WAS being polite.
Cub: I can't wait to jam this weapon through a grawl's skull.
Citizen: What are you looking at, mouse?
Vigil Crusader: Right now, I'm looking at a charr who's looking for a fight he may not win.
Citizen: Heh. You're all right. Carry on.
Plebeian: The locals don't talk to you like they talk to me. Why is that?
Vigil Crusader: I fought in the arena.
Plebeian: You fought in the arena? Is that all it takes?
Vigil Crusader: It's more than that, but fighting and not dying would be a good start.
Citizen (1): Look at those humans. Just a bunch of walking meat.
Citizen (2): What do you have against humans? They're fighting on our side these days.
Citizen (1): So? A human got to prove himself, just as anyone else.
Citizen (1): Is it over? Are we through? I want to see you again.
Citizen (2): It's not you. It's me. I'm the one who doesn't like you.
Adamant Guard: Where'd that coward go?
Citizen: Which one?
Adamant Guard: The one who's hiding from me.
Citizen Haven't seen him.
Soldier: Our warband was on the march yesterday. Today, we're watching paint dry. That's the military life, eh?
Soldier: Note to self: make sure we have enough provisions for the next field operation.
Soldier: Only the weak and dumb allow themselves to get killed by a lowly animal.
Soldier: Bah! Those Adamant Guards have no sense of humor. All I wanted to do was test their readiness.
Soldier: Cornered animals are the worst. They have nothing to fear or to lose.
Soldier: There was a gladium at the Serrated Blade last night who kept growling at me. Do you think she wanted to test herself against me?
Gil Grittongue: Your quarters are down here. Don't take it personally, but you just don't fit in anywhere else.
Roz Swishtail: I get it. No warband. No place in the legions.
Gil Grittongue: It's not so bad as that. You have options. You'll meet other gladium down here. You can make a new warband.
Dann Sharpclaw: I don't want a new warband. I liked my old one, before they were all slaughtered by grawl.
Gil Grittongue: I get it. You can always join the Vigil or one of the other orders. They won't judge you like others might.
Dann Sharpclaw: Nobody's got any right to judge me. I'm gladium. Deal with it. They don't know how hard it is.
Gil Grittongue: You two can take it from here. Just keep your noses clean. The last thing you want is a stay in the stockade. Or worse. Watch your backs.
Roz Swishtail: Will do. Anyway, I had most of the fight knocked out of me when my warband died. I need a career change.
Dann Sharpclaw: Me, I'm itching for a fight, but I'll take it out to the enemy. I may be gladium, but I'm still a legion soldier.
Gil Grittongue: Stay strong. I'll see you around.