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World vs World Warclaw

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World vs World Warclaw is an achievement category involving the Warclaw mount in World vs World.

World vs World.png
World vs World Warclaw (World vs. World)
Total achievements: 22 105Achievement points


  1. ^ Always Land on Your Feet: This achievement must be done in WvW, and you must drop from high enough to 'break' your mount.
  2. ^ Console Crasher: From the Waypoint (map icon).png Metrical Court Waypoint, head southwest to the south corner in the College of Synergetics area.
  3. ^ Is This a Scratching Post?: From Waypoint (map icon).png Upper Commons Waypoint, go into the Omphalos Chamber, mount your warclaw, and use Battle Maul on the Avatar of the Tree. The Pale Tree will cower and you will be ejected from the instance. This only happens once.
  4. ^ Lap Cat: From Waypoint (map icon).png Great Lodge Waypoint, go through The Great Lodge and enter Knut Whitebear's Loft. Mount your warclaw and go to the seat of Knut Whitebear.
  5. ^ Sleepy Kitty: From Waypoint (map icon).png Palace Waypoint, go in front of Seraph Headquarters.
  6. ^ Smodur's Blessing: From Waypoint (map icon).png Imperator's Waypoint, go in front of you and enter The Command Core. Go to The War Council and speak with Smodur the Unflinching while mounted on your warclaw. If this method does not seem to work for you, try using a character that hasn't yet explored this area.