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Umbral Grotto

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Umbral Grotto

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Umbral Grotto map.jpg
Map of Umbral Grotto

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Umbral Grotto.jpg

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Umbral Grotto is the main staging area for the United Legions in Drizzlewood Coast.

Locations and objectives[edit]

Waypoint (map icon).png Base Camp Waypoint —
Points of Interest
Point of interest (map icon).png Pavilion of the Legions
Point of interest (map icon).png United Legions Base Camp
Vista (map icon).png Umbral Grotto Vista —
Mastery Insights
Mastery point (Icebrood Saga).png Drizzlewood Coast Insight: Camp Apex





Quaestor (map icon).png Annona Vinedrummer
Reinforce Armor (map icon).png Anvil
Merchant (vendor icon).png Talon Killpeace
Charr Copter Airdrop (map icon).png Elizia Skysight


Ambient creatures

Ambient dialogue[edit]

Ash Legion Scout: She doesn't even notice me! I'm putting out all the signals. Eye contact, positive body language...
Flame Legion Bladestorm: Have you tried, I don't know, talking to her?
Ash Legion Scout: There was one time in the canteen I asked her to pass the mashed liver.
Flame Legion Bladestorm: Wow, look out ladies, we've got a real smooth operator on our hands.
Ash Legion Scout: Oh, shut up.
Blood Legion Duelist: He keeps staring at me. Seriously, everywhere I go, he's there. It's really creeping me out.
Seraph Archer: Oh my gods. You think he's a double agent?
Blood Legion Duelist: That's what I said! He might be collecting intel for Dominion.
Seraph Archer: We should keep an eye on him. Who knows what kind of info he's got on us already.
Blood Legion Duelist: Spy on the spy. I like it.
Ash Legion Scout: She called me a Dominion double agent!
Flame Legion Bladestorm: You were watching her brush her teeth.
Ash Legion Scout: I was curious about her fangs! Now everyone thinks I'm sketchy and weird.
Flame Legion Bladestorm: Everyone thought that already.
Ash Legion Scout: Wait, really?
Blood Legion Duelist: Turns out, he wasn't a spy. Just your run-of-the-mill perv.
Seraph Archer: Ugh. I thought for sure we were onto something.
Blood Legion Duelist: Well, at least I don't have to worry about him hovering around anymore.
Seraph Archer: True. Who watches someone brush their teeth? (voice line says: "True. I mean, who watches someone brush their teeth?")
Blood Legion Duelist: I know, right?
Iron Legion Soldier: Is she...gone?
Iron Legion Engineer: Yeah, last night. When you were on patrol. I'm sorry.
Iron Legion Soldier: Did she say anything...before? About the war, I mean.
Iron Legion Engineer: "Don't let it be for nothing."
Iron Legion Sentinel: Say what you want about his politics, but that Ryland Steelcatcher is fine.
Seraph Guard: Meh. Great fighter. Not really my type.
Iron Legion Sentinel: Suit yourself. I'd chase that tail behind enemy lines.
Seraph Guard: Hmmm.
Ash Legion Spy: Meatloaf again? What are you, allergic to taste?
Chef: Got a problem with the food, make it yourself!
Ash Legion Spy: Maybe I will? Can't do worse than this quaggan turd.
Seraph Soldier: Everyone calm down! We're all on edge here. Let's just be glad we have food...even if it is terrible.
Chef: So ungrateful. "Quaggan turd..."
Flame Legion Stalker: Efram's the only one of them who could hack it as Khan-Ur.
Ash Legion Spy: Psssh, I've had hairballs tougher than Efram.
Blood Legion Duelist: At least he's not some fear-mongering lunatic.
Ash Legion Spy: True. I'll give him that, I guess.
Blood Legion Soldier: I'm ready to fight! What are we waiting around for?
Ash Legion Shadow: Careful what you wish for, cub. It's a whole different story once you're out there.
Blood Legion Soldier: Just wait and see. I know what I'm doing.
Ash Legion Shadow: Yeah, just wait...


Crafting resources[edit]

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Resource nodes
Salvage Pile.png Salvage Pile
Mine resource (map icon).png Mithril Ore
Wood resource (map icon).png Cypress Sapling
Plant resource (map icon).png Blackberries