Barradin's Vaults

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Barradin's Vaults

Barradin's Vaults map.jpg
Map of Barradin's Vaults

Point of Interest
Victor's Presidium
(Plains of Ashford)
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Barradin's Vaults.jpg

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Barradin's Vaults is a point of interest within the Victor's Presidium. This ruined crypt holds the remains of Barradin family whose ghosts still haunt this tomb complex.

Getting there[edit]

The entrance to this crypt is southwest of the map marker. East of the Vir's Gate Waypoint near a bend in the road is a tunnel entrance guarded by five Blood Legion charr - four soldiers and Neci Quicktemper.


  • Barradin's Vaults is where Duke Barradin is fought during the charr tutorial, Fury of the Dead.
  • The Point of Interest marker is located over a small hill players cannot get on top of, however it is underground, and as a result it may not "flash" when mousing over the map information to see what one may be missing.
  • The Chest found here is in an alcove in the third room of the Vaults. If the events are not active then it is normally guarded by the second Veteran Red Ooze in the Vaults.