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Iron Legion Camp

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Iron Legion Camp

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Iron Legion Camp map.jpg
Map of Iron Legion Camp

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Grothmar Valley
Connects to
Festival Promenade (N)
The Wardowns (SE)
Tribunes' Trench (W)

Iron Legion Camp.jpg

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Iron Legion Camp is an area within Grothmar Valley, just south of the central Festival Promenade area.

Locations and objectives[edit]

Points of Interest
Point of interest (map icon).png Santia's Forge
Vista (map icon).png Iron Legion Camp Vista —





Merchant (vendor icon).png Aeson Geargrace (80)

Ambient dialogue[edit]

Within the camp
Aeson Geargrace: Get into the driver's seat of Iron Legion's latest!
Aeson Geargrace: Drive your own Iron Legion dune roller right here! Limited-time offer!
Iron Legion Marksman: How's the rebuild going?
Iron Legion Solider: Slow. We lost a third of our siege engines.
Iron Legion Marksman: Renegades should stick to harassing humans.
Iron Legion Solider: Sure you're all right? I know you humans bruise so easy.
Visitor: I think they broke my arm. Definitely broke my nose when they shoved me to the ground.
Iron Legion Solider: We should report this. Describe 'em to me.
Visitor: Charr, youngish? Meaty fists. Hateful words. I really didn't get a good look. They came outta nowhere.
Iron Legion Solider: Cowards. Sorry, friend. Wish I'd been here to roll some heads.
Priory Researcher: The Iron Legion has been incredibly gracious, letting us study their combustion technology.
Priory Researcher: Who knew the charr were fans of academia?
Priory Scholar: Smodur made you promise a dedication in our book, a mention in the forward, and final say on the title.
Near the Event Schedule Board
Iron Legion Solider: Oh pl— I had you! My engine gave out at the last second.
Iron Legion Marksman: Right. Blame it on the car.
Iron Legion Solider: Oh come on. I beat all the rest. You just lurked around and let everyone do the work for you.
Iron Legion Marksman: And because of that...I'm the champ!
On the northern hill towards Rally Pavilion
Ash Legion Scout: What'd you think of the Charr Rise of Rin?
Iron Legion Engineer: The prose is a bit over the top, but it had some good points.
Iron Legion Solider: Yeah. Rise of Rin. I thought it was a...a fun read.
Iron Legion Engineer: Fun. You didn't even skim it, did you? Why do we keep doing this every week if you never read the books?
On the path south of the camp
Blood Legion Soldier (1): Bangar chose the right charr to represent us. Ryland's the real deal.
Blood Legion Soldier (2): Well, he's bred from pretty good stock. Talented.
Blood Legion Soldier (1): Talented, yeah. And his dam's solid. But his sire's a loose cannon. Always thought the cub would be a coin toss.


Crafting resources[edit]

Resource nodes
Wood resource (map icon).png Red Oak Sapling
Plant resource (map icon).png Verdant Herbs