The Command Core

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The Command Core

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The Command Core is the uppermost section of the Imperator's Core and holds the office for Iron Legion Tribune Bhuer Goreblade as well as the War Council.


Points of Interest
Point of interest (map icon).png Iron Tribune Quarters
Point of interest (map icon).png The War Council




Ambient dialogue[edit]

Bhuer Goreblade: Erracus! Where in the flames is my flathead screwdriver? The little one!
Erracus the Wise: Same place I ALWAYS put it, Tribune. On your desk. It's probably under all that junk.
Bhuer Goreblade: You're lucky I tolerate your insubordination, Erracus. I could kick you into the Bane for less than that!
Erracus the Wise: And I'd kick your tail! You may not be a cub, but I'd whup you all the same, haha! And then salute you. Sir!
Bhuer Goreblade: Haha! Keep on thinking that, if it keeps you organizing my stuff. At ease!