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The Ebonlocke Covenant by Snargle Goldclaw

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The Ebonlocke Covenant by Snargle Goldclaw

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The Brig
(Grothmar Valley)

The Ebonlocke Covenant by Snargle Goldclaw is a book by Snargle Goldclaw, found on a shelf to the right of Warden Strongdoom on the upper levels of The Brig in Grothmar Valley.




Note: I've tolerated these nonsense novels in the past, but this is going too far! Any more copies of these books found in Blood Legion territory will be considered contraband.
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The Ebonlocke Covenant by Snargle Goldclaw

Runebanger could hardly comprehend what he'd just witnessed. Suddenly it all made sense. Why Smoulder and Empress Jenny had been willing to forget years of hostilities. Why they suddenly spoke so positively about the "potential" of an alliance between charr and humans.

He clutched his mane as furious tears matted his cheeks. How could Smoulder even LOOK at Jenny that way? What about her furless figure could possible[sic] appeal to rugged, tough, well-groomed charr such as they?

Burn it all, the mouse didn't even have horns! Did no one appreciate the gentle curve of horns anymore?

"Smoulder's place is by MY side, as MY ally, as MY confidant, as MY my..."

No. Brood Legion would not stand for this. Not if Runebanger had his way.

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