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Living World Season 1
Scarlet's War

This article is a personal Living World Season 1: Scarlet's War redesign by Lon-ami.


Living World Season 1 was a series of live content events that ran from November 2012 to May 2014. It chronicled Scarlet Briar's war on Tyria, culminating in the destruction of Lion's Arch and the awakening of Mordremoth. The story was designed to be experienced as it happened, making it impossible to replay like the following seasons.

The goal of this article is to adapt the events of Season 1 into a replayable episodic format, staying as faithful to the original material as possible.

This adaptation includes:

  • 10 episodes, integrated into the Story Journal, with an achievement model similar to that of Season 2.
  • 4 zones, accessible outside the story, depicting events from the past.
  • 3 dungeons, upgraded to include single player story mode.
  • 3 world events, including fights against epic world bosses.
  • 4 masteries, enhancing the experience of Season 1.

Some of the events can not be reintroduced properly using the current world. This problem will be solved through alternate instances depicting the original locations, accessed from a new hub: The Field of the Fallen.

Field of the Fallen[edit]

During the aftermath of the Battle for Lion's Arch, the White Crane Terrace became an improvised graveyard for the victims. Once the city was rebuilt, the graveyard became a memorial, built to remember everyone who lost their lives defending Lion's Arch.

Named Field of the Fallen, the monument has since stood proud; up until recently. The magical disturbances across all of Tyria have affected the memorial as well. All the pain and the suffering of those who fell beneath Scarlet's wrath has manifested as portals to the Mists, where those brave or foolish enough can relive the tragic events of Scarlet's War, not just on Lion's Arch, but all over the continent.

Portals to six major events have manifested at the memorial, each reliving some of the greatest battles of the conflict:

Cross the portals, right these wrongs, and let the dead rest in peace again.


Episode Features Episode Features


Episode 1 - The Lost Shores[edit]

Braham fights against a Molten Effigy.

Something stirs in the Sea of Sorrows. A new organization, called the Consortium, sent an expedition to an uncharted island, awakening some mysterious creatures known as the karka. Now Lion's Arch is in danger, and Inspector Ellen Kiel is looking for the only one who might know where the karka are coming from: The leader of the failed expedition, a sylvari by the name of Canach.

Episode 2 - Flame and Frost: Part 1[edit]

The Flame Legion and the Moletariate have joined their forces into an unstoppable war machine: The Molten Alliance. Norn homesteads and charr settlements are falling, wiped one by one. Refugees are pouring in from Wayfarer Foothills and Diessa Plateau, collapsing Hoelbrak and the Black Citadel. Join Braham and Rox and stem the tide before it's too late.

Episode 3 - Flame and Frost: Part 2[edit]

It's time for retribution! The Vigil has found the entrance to the Molten Furnace. Rescue the charr and norn prisoners, and strike back against the heart of the Molten Alliance.

Side Story - Molten Disturbance[edit]

Includes various dynamic events and achievements involving the Molten Alliance, Refugees, and Sonic Periscopes, during episodes 2 and 3.

Episode 4 - The Secret of Southsun[edit]

What started as a Consortium relief effort to relocate refugees into Southsun Cove, now turned into a tourist resort, has turned into a full-blown conflict once the new settlers discovered the fine print of their contracts. To make things worse, someone is stirring up the local fauna, driving the karka and other creatures into a blind rage. The situation is about to explode, and Inspector Ellen Kiel is looking for help.

Episode 5 - Dragon Bash[edit]

The citizens of Lion's Arch celebrate the fall of Zhaitan with a brand new festival. Little do they know, a new crew of pirates walks among them, waiting for the right moment to strike: The Aetherblades.

Episode 6 - Bazaar of the Four Winds[edit]

Captain Ellen Kiel is running for office, and her victory relies on a trade agreement with the Zephyr Sanctum. However, she's not the only one shooting for the seat. Evon Gnashblade of the Black Lion Trading Company has his own plans as well, and he will not let Kiel get her way easily.

Episode 7 - Queen's Jubilee[edit]

Kryta celebrates ten years of Queen Jennah on the throne. The Crown Pavilion gladiatorial arena and the Watchknight constructs have been commissioned for the occasion as a shining symbol of humanity's endurance. From the shadows, a mysterious figure watches the festivities, planning to take these new toys for herself. She's the true leader of the Aetherblades, and her name is Scarlet Briar.

Side Story - Aetherblade Activity[edit]

Includes various dynamic events and achievements involving the Aetherblades, Twisted Watchworks, and Steam Portals, during episodes 5 and 7.

Episode 8 - Tower of Nightmares[edit]

Another unholy alliance enters the scene: Nightmare Courtiers and Krait have joined together to form the Toxic Alliance. Carefully hidden by magic, they have been working tirelessly on a terror unlike anything seen before: The Tower of Nightmares. Help Marjory Delaqua and Kasmeer Meade breach into the tower, and put and end to this madness.

Side Story - Toxic Pollution[edit]

Includes various dynamic events and achievements involving the Toxic Alliance, Toxic Corruption, and Krait Obelisk Shards, during episode 8.

Episode 9 - Origins of Madness[edit]

Scarlet Briar has rallied her allies and is back on the move, but what are her plans?

Side Story - Scarlet's Secret[edit]

Includes various dynamic events, achievements, and instances involving Scarlet Briar, her Energy Probes, and her Secret Lair, during episode 9.

Episode 10 - Battle for Lion's Arch[edit]

Lion's Arch deals with the aftermath of Scarlet's War.

Lion's Arch is burning, and Scarlet's Alliance has taken control of the city. The Lionguard and the Orders of Tyria rally their forces to take it back. Scarlet Briar watches from above, aboard the Breachmaker. The final battle of Scarlet's War is here at last.

Side Story - Song of the Zephyrites[edit]

Scarlet's War is over, and Lion's Arch lies in ruins. The Zephyrites and Divinity's Reach are hosting a festival to support the city's reconstruction efforts. The heroes of Lion's Arch gather and join the celebrations. New recruits join the Zephyr Sanctum on their next voyage, among them a soundless by the name of Aerin.

Includes various achievements and instances dealing with the aftermath of the Battle for Lion's Arch, and bridges the story between Season 1 and Season 2.


Southsun Cove[edit]

Reef Drakes sunbathe by the Dappled Shores.

Visit Southsun Cove and relive the conflict between the Settlers and the Consortium.

Support the Lionguard by staying neutral, or take a side, and either support the Settlers and their claims, or support the Consortium and pacify the rioters. The side you're on will determine the disposition of the NPCs and your role during the different events of the conflict, maybe even getting to brawl against other players as well. The meta event is on a two hour timer.

Do not forget to claim unique rewards from your supported faction once you are done, and use your Solvent Sprayer to dissolve the mounds of karka webbing and uncover resource nodes, chests, and other valuable jetsam across the island.

Inspector Ellen Kiel works to restore the peace.

This zone can be accessed anytime from the Consortium asura gate at Coriolis Plaza in Lion's Arch, or by waypoint after the first visit.

Labyrinthine Cliffs[edit]

Welcome to the Bazaar of the Four Winds.

Visit Labyrinthine Cliffs and relive the Bazaar of the Four Winds and the Captain's Council election.

Players of each world will be automatically assigned to either Team Kiel or Team Gnashblade each day, in a rotation similar to that of World vs. World. The population of each map instance will be divided evenly between the two teams, which will compete against each other in different events, adventures, and activities. Matches will be individually tied to each map instance, and will last for one hour. Score and time will be tracked by the zone's map meta event.

Every player in the zone will get a reward upon the match's ending, scaled depending on his participation. The players of the winning team will get an additional reward for their victory.

The Zephyr Sanctum, home of the Zephyrites.

This zone can be accessed anytime by boarding the bazaar ship at Sanctum Harbor in Lion's Arch, or by waypoint after the first visit.

Toxic Kessex Hills[edit]

Relive the assault against the Toxic Alliance and their Tower of Nightmares in Kessex Hills.

The zone has two meta events, the first outside the tower, and the second inside of it. The first meta event's progress is player-driven, finishing earlier the faster players complete the various events. Upon completion, the way into the tower is opened, and the second meta event starts.

The second meta event has a variable timer, based on completion of secondary bonus objectives. The better the performance, the longer it takes for the time to run out. Players will fight their way to the top of the tower, receiving a higher reward each time they clear a floor. They can also complete various Nightmare Chambers for extra rewards. When the timer runs out, players will be kicked from the tower, and the first meta event will restart.

A Toxic Damoss protects the entrance to the tower.

This zone depicts Kessex Hills during 1326 AE, and can be accessed anytime from Field of the Fallen in Lion's Arch.

Ruins of Lion's Arch[edit]

Relive the Battle for Lion's Arch and the bitter finale of Scarlet's War.

The zone has two map meta events, both on a two hour cycle. The first is Evacuation, lasting one hour. Five minutes later begins Liberation, lasting forty minutes. Fifteen minutes later the cycle resets. Participation is independent for each of the map meta events.

You can explore the ruined city whenever you want. Dig Rubble Piles to unearth Found Belongings and Found Heirlooms, and trade them to special merchants in exchange of unique rewards.

The Lion's Court lies in ruins.
Scarlet Briar oversees the Breachmaker's drilling operation in Sanctum Harbor.

This zone depicts Lion's Arch during 1327 AE, and can be accessed anytime from Field of the Fallen in Lion's Arch.


Molten Furnace[edit]

Relive the assault against the Molten Alliance and their Molten Furnace.

This dungeon can be accessed anytime from Field of the Fallen in Lion's Arch.

Aetherblade Retreat[edit]

Relive the assault against the Aetherblades and their Aetherblade Retreat.

This dungeon can be accessed anytime from Field of the Fallen in Lion's Arch.

Holopirate Factory[edit]

Visit Twilight Arbor and relive the assault against Scarlet Briar and her Holopirate Factory.

This dungeon can be accessed anytime from Wychmire Swamp in Caledon Forest.

World Events[edit]

Southsun Cove Invasion[edit]

The Ancient Karka watches over the Karka Hive.

Relive the invasion of Southsun Cove by the Lionguard and the Consortium, and face the Ancient Karka in combat.

This world event runs on its own exclusive zone instance, depicting a portion of Southsun Cove during 1325 AE, which can be accessed anytime from Field of the Fallen in Lion's Arch.

Twisted Marionette Weapon Test[edit]

The Twisted Marionette descends from the Breachmaker.

Relive the fight against Scarlet's forces and her Twisted Marionette in Lornar's Pass.

This world event runs on its own exclusive zone instance, depicting a portion of Lornar's Pass during 1327 AE, which can be accessed anytime from Field of the Fallen in Lion's Arch.

Battle for Lion's Arch[edit]

Part of the Ruins of Lion's Arch zone above.


Antitoxin Spray in action.
Name XP req. Points Description
Nuhoch Wallows.png Solvent Sprayer 508,000 Central Tyria mastery point Researcher Levvi has developed a powerful solvent that can dissolve karka shells. Learn this Mastery to retrieve and wield Solvent Sprayers from Lionguard Weapon Crates.
Nuhoch Language.png Aspect Master 508,000 Central Tyria mastery point Embrace the teachings of the Zephyrites and master the Aspects of Wind, Sun, and Lightning, increasing their effective duration and their maximum number of charges.
Nuhoch Proving.png Antitoxin Spray 508,000 Central Tyria mastery point Marjory Delaqua has discovered an antitoxin against the Toxic Pollen from the Tower of Nightmares. Retrieve medical supplies to load Antitoxin Spray into your special action skill slot. Use it to heal yourself, and remove toxic pollen, poison, torment, and confusion to heal yourself and nearby allies.
Nuhoch Alchemy.png Aetherized Shielding 508,000 Central Tyria mastery point Learn how to use your own Aethershield defensive equipment. The next time you would be downed, instead heal 25% of your total health and receive a brief moment of invulnerability. Requires repairs to reload after every use.
Total 2,032,000 10 Mastery point


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