Toxic Pollen

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Toxic Pollen

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Pollen from a toxic spore. Deals periodic damage and may trigger hallucinations.

— In-game description

Toxic Pollen is inflicted on players near Immature Toxic Stalk, Toxic Offshoots or Toxic Stalks. The effect causes a small amount of periodic damage and either 1 second of fear or hallucinations. It does not count as a condition, so is not removed by condition removal.

Related skills[edit]

Common skills that remove Toxic Pollen


When under this effect several different hallucinations may occur.

  • Spiders: several big black spider NPCs drop to the ground around the character and soon disappear.
  • Bird: a black bird appears and uses the Hunter's Call animation.
  • Wurm: a black Flesh Wurm shoots out of the ground from under the character and disappears.
  • Sounds and visual distortion: the player's senses are hindered a by high-contrast distortion effect and a mix of strange sounds, including sounds of animals (such as cats, frogs, and cows) and Death Shroud sound effects.
  • Hand: a grasping hand reaches out of the ground.
  • Hallucination: an NPC foe appears (only hallucination seen by other players)
    • 3 small spiders
    • Big spider
    • Ettin