Toxic Pollen

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Toxic Pollen

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Pollen from a toxic spore. Deals periodic damage and may trigger hallucinations.

— In-game description

Players will be afflicted by the effect when near Toxic Offshoots or Toxic Stalks during events part of Tower of Nightmares and The Nightmares Within. The effect causes a small amount of periodic damage and either 1 second of fear or hallucinations. It does not count as a condition and cannot currently be removed. It used to be removable with Antitoxin Spray before that skill was removed from the game.


When under this effect several different hallucinations may occur.

  • Spiders: several big black spider NPCs drop to the ground around the character and soon disappear.
  • Bird: a black bird appears and uses the Hunter's Call animation.
  • Wurm: a black Flesh Wurm shoots out of the ground from under the character and disappears.
  • Sounds and visual distortion: the player's senses are hindered a by high-contrast distortion effect and a mix of strange sounds, including sounds of animals (such as cats, frogs, and cows) and death shroud sound effects.
  • Hand: a grasping hand reaches out of the ground.
  • Hallucination: an NPC foe appears (only hallucination seen by other players)
    • 3 small spiders
    • Big spider
    • Ettin