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Refugee Volunteer (Historical) Flame and Frost 4Achievement points
Assist the refugees 75 times.Refugees traveling south from Wayfarer Foothills to Hoelbrak, and Diessa Plateau to the Black Citadel are in need of assistance. Collect mementos, light campfires, and aid the refugee migration.
Title: Title icon.png Volunteer
1 Acts of Assistance 1Achievement points
15 Acts of Assistance 1Achievement points
40 Acts of Assistance 1Achievement points
75 Acts of Assistance 1Achievement points
Path through Wayfarer Foothills
Path through Diessa Plateau


Refugees can be found traveling through Diessa Plateau and Wayfarer Foothills, sometimes accompanied by a Pack Marmox. Memento Collectors can be found along the path of travel. They are marked with a Special event (map icon).png icon on the map. Players are tasked with assisting the refugees in their travels and bringing peace to families that have lost loved ones. Completing a total of 75 Acts of Assistance for the achievement will earn you the title Volunteer and a Refugee Child's Drawing.

According to the refugees, steam from the ground is generating dust storms in the charr homelands and ruptures are causing blizzards in the Shiverpeaks.

Acts of Assistance[edit]


  • Signposts and campfires have a cooldown after interacting. These are character-based and unique for each world, switching characters or guesting another world can bypass this.
    • The achievement is account-bound, so any additional effort expended once the title is achieved is (apparently) wasted effort.

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