Karka Hive

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Karka Hive

Karka Hive map.jpg
Map of Karka Hive

Point of Interest
Bakestone Cavern
(Southsun Cove)
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Karka Hive.jpg

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Interactive map

The Karka Hive is a point of interest within Bakestone Cavern. This massive crystalline structure was once the primary nest of the Karka. A pool of lava is found at the base of this corkscrew shaped hive which winds upwards to the lair of this location's guardian. The Ancient Karka was driven here and ultimately defeated at the base of the hive where it's fossilized remains can be seen to this day.

Getting there[edit]

  • From Camp Karka Waypoint: Head west between the steam geyser walls into the Scoured Plains then turn north and head across the Seashell Hills.
  • From Owain's Refuge Waypoint: Head east across bridge into Scoured Plains, will end up near Canach's Folly, then turn north and head across the Seashell Hills.