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Sonic Periscope

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Sonic Periscope

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Sonic Periscopes were Molten Alliance spying devices that combined sonic technology and flame magic for its defenses. Its wreckage contained a Sonic Periscope Audio Log which could be turned in to Audio Log Collector NPCs for 100 karma.


Historical locations[edit]

There are ten Sonic Periscopes in each of five zones:

Shiverpeak Mountains

Combat abilities[edit]

  • Unknown skill name - Fires a sonic blast every 5 seconds, causing Knockback.png Knockback in areas above level 15; after 5 blasts, it pauses for 15 seconds.



  • After the concluding chapter of Flame and Frost, there were still several periscopes in the world, but most of them were "dormant" and did not attack NPCs or players. Some, like the one near Angvar's Trove, left nearby waypoints contested. This was fixed in a subsequent update.
  • About 30% of the periscopes trigger a Defeat Molten Alliance forces in the area event, where enemies will spawn in waves. [1]
  • The Sonic Periscope Wreckage remained until the periscope respawned, after approximately five minutes. During that time, the wreckage can be looted by anyone, however, you can only loot one audio log each day from any single location.


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