Lost Grotto

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the original point of interest. For the modern version, see Order of Whispers Headquarters.

Lost Grotto


Lost Grotto.jpg

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Interactive map (floor 43)

The Lost Grotto was a hidden base of operations for the Order of Whispers in Eastern Ward, Lion's Arch. It was abandoned in early 1327 AE after Scarlet's attack on the city, though has since been reclaimed.

Getting there[edit]

Path to Lost Grotto

Start from Trader's Forum Waypoint in Trader's Forum. Jump into the water and head east in the waterway to find a broken sewer gate. Follow the sewer to a split and take a right. This will lead into a large cavern. There will be wood structure leading up to the base.


  • Players who chose to align themselves with the Order of Whispers in the Personal Story used to be able to exit the Lost Grotto into the Crow's Nest Tavern (Captain's Council) through a door hidden behind a cabinet, via the stairs at the top of the Grotto, however since Scarlet's attack on the city this secret exit has been unavailable.