Destroy the power regulators to discharge energy back at the marionette

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Destroy the power regulators to discharge energy back at the marionette

False River Valley
(Lornar's Pass)
Event type
Event cog (tango icon).png
Group event
Part of
Twisted Marionette Weapon Test

Destroy the power regulators to discharge energy back at the marionette is a group event that occurs at Marionette's Landing in False River Valley while the event Hold the line! is active. This event was released with The Origins of Madness release.


  • Power Regulators destroyed: X/5
  • Time limit: 2:00


Reward tier Experience Karma Coin
Gold 1,662
171 Karma.png 40 Copper coin
Silver 1,412
146 Karma.png 34 Copper coin
Bronze 1,246
129 Karma.png 30 Copper coin
These are the expected rewards for a level 34 player. Higher level players receive dynamically adjusted rewards.


From south to north, each lane will become active one at a time. The shield symbol on the map will turn into a red gate, and once the gate turns green and allows entry, crossed swords will appear. The players in that lane will have to go through the gate when it turns green (all hostiles in that lane will vanish). When a player goes through the gate, they will be placed on one of the five platforms inside the area. Each platform hosts a single Twisted Watchwork champion, which varies depending on which of the Marionette's chains you are attempting to sever.

The platform champions are as follows:

  • Champion Regulator Warden I: This is immune to attacks from the front, and must be damaged from behind. It also summons Twisted Reavers, so they also need to be dealt with.
  • Champion Regulator Warden II: A Watchwork creature that places mines as it moves. While moving it cannot be damaged, so it must be lured onto its own mines, at which point it will be stunned for a period of time.
  • Champion Regulator Warden III: This champion has a penchant for bombs, knockdowns, and dealing large amounts of damage very quickly.
  • Champion Regulator Warden IV: This Watchwork applies several stacks of confusion if you're hit by its shriek attack, so be careful about auto-attacking it while confused.
  • Champion Regulator Warden V: The final champion divides and forms new Watchworks when killed. It requires careful application of stacking and AoE skills.

Players must kill the champion on their platform to gain access to the real objective: the Power Regulator. All five of the regulators must be destroyed, within two minutes, to break one of the Twisted Marionette's chains (a cinematic of the chain breaking will play). If the two-minute timer runs out before all five are destroyed, the aethercannon will charge significantly. Players will be teleported back to Lornar's Pass soon after the attempt's success or failure. If a group fails to sever a chain, the players in the next lane will face the same champions that the previous group fought.

In addition to the champions, the Marionette will attack players on platforms. Like the Regulator Wardens, the Marionette's attack changes depending on which chain you are attempting to sever. Players must therefore be aware of its attacks as well as those of the champion.



During The Edge of the Mists
During The Origins of Madness




Talking to allies during Edge of the Mists
Talking to allies during The Origins of Madness
Rox: There's logic here. Wardens first. Once they're defeated, it triggers a beam on the platform that cuts one of the chains. That's our goal.
Talk end option tango.png
This'll be interesting.
Taimi: She's so smart! But I'm smarter. Go for the wardens first. Once they're defeated, I've noticed that a beam is triggered on the platform. It cuts one of the chains. Wardens first!
Talk end option tango.png
Got it.