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Defeat Scarlet's Prime Hologram before the defenses activate

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Defeat Scarlet's Prime Hologram before the defenses activate is an event that appears on top of The Breachmaker in Lion's Arch (Enemy Controlled).



Reward tier Experience Karma Coin
Gold 26,670 Experience.png 378 Karma 88 Copper coin
Silver 20,003 Experience.png 284 Karma 66 Copper coin
Bronze 13,335 Experience.png 189 Karma 44 Copper coin
These are the expected rewards for a level 80 player.

In addition, the following loots come from a chest that spawned when Scarlet's Prime Hologram is defeated. Unlike other boss chests, it can be looted as many times as the event is completed.


This fight is divided into three portions.

Phase One[edit]

Prime Hologram.png Prime Hologram

The first phase consists of fighting the Prime Hologram. Its main attack is a beam which will leave a trail on the ground that damages over time. Initially, the Prime Hologram will only fire the light beam in one direction. When it reaches 75% hp, the Prime Hologram will fire directly ahead, then turn around and fire again. At 50%, the Prime Hologram will fire in three directions, ahead, behind, and to the right. The other main attack is a stomping attack centered on the Hologram. This is easy to avoid and is only a concern to melee users.

In order to damage Prime Hologram, players must be atuned. Attunements are acquired by stepping into colored fields that are laid down by the Prime Hologram. Players will often find their path to attunements blocked by the light beam. It can be dodged through, and the area directly underneath the Prime Hologram is always clear of the light beams, but players must use caution to avoid her stomp attack. Skills that give evasion or invulnerability, such as Mist Form and Whirlwind Attack are also extremely useful. Players that attack the hologram without any attunement will receive a stack of Light Feedback. At 10 stacks of feedback, they will be knocked back and damaged heavily.

Any attunement can be used to damage the Prime Hologram, however collecting all three attunements, to get the Prime Light Attunement, is advantageous. Individual attunements are applied for 25 seconds and boost damage slightly for each one gained. The Prime Light Attunement, however, is applied for 45 seconds and has a greater damage boost. Due to the increased timer, players spend less time worrying about reacquiring attunements. The only drawback is that players cannot "top off" the Prime Light Attunement timer, and once it expires they must get all three attunements again.

When the Prime Hologram reaches 66% health, Scarlet Briar joins the fight, but she cannot be killed. Instead, she is there to distract and disrupt the players. She launches projectiles that become reflective bubbles when they impact with a surface. They also heavily damage and knock back players that walk into them, which could easily push them into a light beam field and get them killed. She also stuns players when she teleports. Players should avoid her and her bubbles and continue to attack Prime Hologram.

Phase Two[edit]

Phase two begins when the Prime Hologram reaches 25% health. It splits into three smaller holograms: Static (Red), Synergetic (Green), and Dynamic (Blue). In order to damage these holograms, players must be have the appropriate calibration, or they will receive stacks of Light Feedback. At first, the AoE buffs will be near the respective hologram, but when one of the holograms reaches about 66%, Scarlet will "scramble" the AoE fields such that they appear further away from their respective holograms. The fight will only proceed to phase three once all three holograms are defeated.

The fight is designed to reward players that kill the three holograms at roughly the same time. When a hologram is killed, there is a 30 second timer. If the other two holograms are not also killed in that time period, the hologram will split into six less potent but still very dangerous micro holograms. These micro holograms remain present, though inert, even after they are killed. This makes it harder to hunt down the remaining ones that need to be killed. This is especially so if the other holograms also split into micro holograms. As such it is strongly advised that players attempt to kill them in synch.

Because the blue Dynamic Hologram can put up a shield to make it invulnerable at any time, it is best to try to kill it first. If players kill one of the other holograms, then the Dynamic hologram puts up its shield right afterwards, it will make killing them all within 30 seconds of each other all the more difficult. The strategy for each hologram varies depending on the type:

Dynamic Hologram.png Dynamic Hologram

The Dynamic Hologram's main attack is a large cone AoE that affects nearly 180 degrees in front of her. The damage is heavy and it inflicts a full minute of weakness. It can be dodged by initiating the dodge two seconds after the AoE field appears. Players with 1200 range attacks can attack from outside the cone AoE. Melee players can easily move behind the hologram to avoid the cone AoE, but must be cautious to avoid the melee chain attack, which cripples on the first two hits and dazes on the final hit.

The Dynamic Hologram will occasionally give itself 50 stacks of the Dynamic Shielding buff. This makes the hologram immune to all attacks. Applying conditions removes one stack of this buff for each incidence. Once all stacks are removed, the shield is disabled. Condition applying auto attacks are helpful in this stage, especially the warrior's sword auto attack, which is a rapid three step attack chain, where each attack also inflicts a condition. While the shield is up, the Dynamic Hologram continues to attack as normal.

The micro version of this hologram has only a much weaker, shorter range cone attack that does not inflict weakness.

Static Hologram.png Static Hologram

The Static Hologram fires AoEs that inflict burning and remain in the ground as a pulsing field that damages and burns with each pulse. This attack is used very frequently and players must be mindful to quickly move out of the way of these attacks. It also uses a stomp attack that sends out a slow moving shock wave. Players should dodge through this shock wave to avoid the powerful knockback.

The micro version of this hologram uses a weaker version of the stomp attack and the fire AoE attack, but the fire attack does not persist as a pulsing field.

Synergetic Hologram.png Synergetic Hologram

The Synergetic Hologram occasionally places a shield around itself that reflects projectiles and will also summon Toxic Mines around it. These explode on contact and deal heavy damage, which makes meleeing extremely risky. It uses a pulsing AoE attack that targets a specific player and follows them if they move. The targeted player receives very little damage, but players around them receive high damage and are inflicted with torment. Because of this players should spread out while fighting, and players targeted by this AoE should move away from other players until the effect ends.

The micro version of this hologram only uses the pulsing attack, but it is much weaker and does not inflict torment.

Phase Three[edit]

Ultraviolet Hologram.png Ultraviolet Hologram

During Phase Three, the holograms recombine into an Ultraviolet Hologram, but it still only has 25% health. At this stage, the hologram fires its laser attack in all four directions. The Ultraviolet Hologram is also now immune to damage from players, and can only be hurt by defeating Microprime Holograms. These holograms are spawned 20 at a time, and give the Ultraviolet Hologram 20 stacks of the Ultraviolet Resonance effect. At this time it also begins charging its laser attack.

In addition to damaging the Ultraviolet Hologram, defeating a Microprime Hologram removes one stack of Ultraviolet Resonance. If all Microprime Hologram are defeated, the laser attack will not fire. If the laser does fire, it will immediately down most players who get hit by it, and is very difficult to dodge. Once again, skills that grant invulnerability or evasion are very useful. After the laser fires, more Microprime holograms will be spawned a short time later, and this continues until enough of the Microprime Holograms have been defeated to kill the Ultraviolet Hologram. After this point, Scarlet retreats to her control room, and the Scarlet's End instance is opened.



Moran Memorial platform
Lion's Court platform
Gunnery Range platform



Before the fight

Scarlet can be seen pacing next to her control panel

Scarlet Briar: Moving into position. Turbo-sparks within expected range. Increasing sonic resonance.
Scarlet Briar: Molten troops, hear me. The southern sector is faltering. Don't let me down.
Scarlet Briar: Shut up! I can't hear myself think! 3.14159. Yes, lovely.
Scarlet Briar: I must stay focused. Prime gate breached! Now, I'm mad.
Scarlet Briar: No time for tricks or traps. It's time for you pests to just die. Pulling out all the stops in three. Two. One.
Phase 1 begins
Scarlet Briar: Behold the best that holomancy can provide, armed with an energy cannon to match.
Scarlet Briar: Warm up the generator. Let loose the pain!

At 75% health

Scarlet Briar: Spent energy casings. Too messy, too useful. Increase subroutine prioritization on energy preservation.

At 66% health

Scarlet Briar: Must I do everything myself? One hundred. Ninety-nine. Ninety-eight. Five. Four. Three. Two. One. Ready or not! Here I come!

At 50% health

Scarlet Briar: Boo! Did I scare you? I should have. I am greater than the sum of my parts.

At 33% health

Scarlet Briar: Have I mentioned how much I love explosives?
Phase 2 begins (Prime Hologram splits)
Scarlet Briar: Disassembling the hologram is not allowed. You will be punished three times over. Dynamics. Statics. Synergetics!

When combined health hits 75%

Scarlet Briar: No, this will not do. Rerouting power from drilling to increase capacity for multitasking

When combined health hits 50%

Scarlet Briar: Energy expulsion continues to be an issue. Setting all emissions to scramble mode.

When one splits into micro holograms

Scarlet Briar: Fragments fragmenting. Fragmentation...good. Greater coverage, harder to pin down.
Phase 3
Scarlet Briar: Enough, enough, enough. No light energy. No more reloading. No spent cases. NO distractions. Fire everything so I can get back to work!
Scarlet Briar: The dark energy is all I need. Now it's time to die, die, die.
Event failure
Scarlet Briar: Enough, enough, enough. No light energy. No more reloading. No spent cases. NO distractions. Fire everything so I can get back to work! (if before Phase 3)
Scarlet Briar: You and your friends aren't welcome here! (if during Phase 3)
Braham Eirsson: Ah, yak spit! We need to retreat!
Rox: Yeah, yak spit... and boogers. We've lost this objective. Move out!
Marjory Delaqua: This isn't working. Run, Kas! Run!
Kasmeer Meade: Oh dear. Running! Running...
Event success
Scarlet Briar: (scream) I...I didn't account... Too many factors... The drilling must...not...stop. (gasp)
Braham Eirsson: Hey! Come back! I'm not done with you yet! (laugh)
Rox: Right behind you. Don't look back!
Marjory Delaqua: Stay close, Kasmeer! We're taking Lion's Arch back!
Kasmeer Meade: This city has friends, you dummies! You can't have it.
Captain Ellen Kiel: Not bad back there. You fight well for a golem.
Heal-o-Tron: Negative. I—am—not—programmed—for—combat.
Captain Ellen Kiel: Then what are you doing up here?
Heal-o-Tron: Two—directives: Scarlet—must—be—stopped. I—must—prove—I—am—not—aligned—with—that—criminal.
Captain Ellen Kiel: Considering your actions today, you're clear in my eyes.
Heal-o-Tron: Processing. Most—difficult—directive—achieved. Is—this—what—joy—feels—like?