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Scarlet's Secret Lair

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Scarlet's Secret Lair

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Map of Scarlet's Secret Lair

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Loading screen


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Scarlet's Secret Lair is one of Scarlet Briar's workshops. This one is located in the cave system underneath the Durmand Priory and is filled with souvenirs from her campaigns across Tyria, designs and drawings, and a hologram that hides the entrance.


Shiverpeak Mountains

Getting there[edit]

From the Waypoint (map icon).png Durmand Priory Waypoint, exit the building and head to the west (near the asura gate). From there, jump over the railing at the edge of the structure. There should be a group of Frost Bats close to the entrance of a cave to your right. Enter this cave and continue past the Ice Wurms. The entrance of Scarlet's Secret Lair is to your right (east) guarded by a Veteran Cave Troll; the door is hidden behind a fake wall.

As of the Battle for Lion's Arch (2022) release, access to this instance is no longer possible by simply walking up to the door to be prompted with an enter instance dialogue; instead you will need to have the chapter "5. The Battle for Lion's Arch" chapter of Living World Season 1 active; access is then via the first instance of Connecting the Pieces.


Scarlet's Apparent Attempts at making Alliances between different races and organizations in Tyria. These groups are:
Left Right
Nightmare Court Tengu
Inquest Dredge
Flame Legion Pirates
Ettin Skritt
Largos Quaggan
Ogres Krait
Grawl Kodan
Centaurs Hylek

Historical objects[edit]


Scarlet's Console

Related achievements[edit]


Since the "Living World Season 1 - Scarlet's War" episodes are no longer available, the chests cannot be opened since the needed ciphers cannot be acquired. This site is needed for additional content (creating legendary weapons). As such, it is still accessible.
  • Mounts, as well as chairs, are disabled inside the instance.
  • The chest order is: Molten Alliance, Aetherblade Pirates, Watchwork, Twisted Marionette, Toxic Alliance. Once opened, the chests will not close, but they may be used multiple time (as suggested by the sparkling light).
  • There is a spike trap next to the entrance/exit; it causes cripple, but does not do any damage.
  • At the back of the room, there is a console in front of a powered-down holographic screen. If you enter OMADD into it, the screen will light, displaying maps of Tyria, showing the Energy Probes represented with black markings, and red X marks over the Vigil Keep, Durmand Priory, Chantry of Secrets, and Lion's Arch (seemingly Fort Marriner), as well as plans for a device that appears to be a drill. This action requires a completed copy of Scarlet Briar's Journal to activate.


The door mechanism requires a special type of power core before it can be opened.
Talk give option tango.png Connect power core.
Talk end option tango.png Leave.
  • There are also several non-interactive items of interest:
    • Copies of a drawing that depicts red roots strangling a tree (similar to the vision she described in her last conversation with the mother tree).
    • A picture of Headmaster Omadd, Scarlet's former mentor whom she killed, with sharp objects thrown and stuck into it much to the effect of a dartboard. The picture has two knives in his eyes and two gashes in the picture.
    • A dragon-like cave painting stretches from the tail in the north corner of the room, to the ceiling and the opposite wall where the head is. You can actually see a second dragon head if you look at the middle of the painting.
    • A mundane chart on one wall with many different races of Tyria on either side, with lines connecting two races at once. The only lines not scribbled out in red are the ones connecting a sylvari and krait (Toxic Alliance), asura and a humanoid pirate figure (Aetherblades), and charr and dredge (Molten Alliance). The centaurs, kodan, largos, and krait on the Chart of Alliances are the only ones to have been considered twice for an alliance.
    • The Twisted Marionette's weapon design is on the wall above Scarlet's Lockbox.
    • There is a diagram of a dolyak with rockets attached to it on a column.