White Crane Terrace

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the modern area. For the original version, see White Crane Terrace (Memory of Old Lion's Arch). For historical information about the area, see White Crane Terrace/historical.

White Crane Terrace

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Map of White Crane Terrace

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Lion's Arch
Connects to
Western Ward (E)
Hooligan's Route (N)
Sanctum Harbor (SE)

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White Crane Terrace is the western most part of Lion's Arch. It is a raising path that leads to the Shuttered Gate, beyond which lies the Dominion of Winds. After Scarlet's attack on Lion's Arch, a graveyard and monument to the fallen were erected at the northern part of the terrace.


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Points of Interest
Point of interest (map icon).png Durmand Priory Research Site
Point of interest (map icon).png Field of the Fallen
Point of interest (map icon).png Shuttered Gate
Personal waypoint (map icon).png Maeva's house





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Ambient dialogue[edit]

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Child: Those tengu creep me out.
Cub: I heard they shoot arrows into you if you get too close to their dumb gates.
Child: Maybe we creep them out.
Child: I dare you to run past the Priory camp!
Cub: I dunno. I heard you can still get Scarlet's Rattle from that beach.
Child: (snicker) Scaredy-cat!
Cub: Shut up, you dumb mouse! I'm not scared of nothing.
Child: Have a nice run, then.
Cub: See? I told you.
Child: Wow, you actually did it.
Cub: Who's a scaredy-cat now? (cough)
Child: Ewww, you got the Rattle! Stay away!
Cub: (snicker) Sucker.
Child: Aw, shut your snout.
Magister Elwin Huntsley: Was your team able to learn anything from the Breachmaster wreckage brought up from the harbor?
Scholar Ailis: We're comparing notes with our team at Thunder Ridge Camp, and we already have some compelling findings.
Scholar Ailis: It looks like the miasma was based on toxins produced in the Nightmare Tower.
Magister Elwin Huntsley: Well done. Here's to hoping your work here helps lead to a cure for Scarlet's Rattle.
Magister Elwin Huntsley: Did you ever visit Lion's Arch before it was rebuilt?
Scholar Ailis: No, Magister, though I'd always hoped to come here.
Magister Elwin Huntsley: Really? Even with the city's troubled history?
Scholar Ailis: This city's tragedies provide us an opportunity. We can't prevent and manage our future without understanding our past.
Magister Elwin Huntsley: I'm glad to have you on our team.
Priory Explorer: Unconscionable, how much damage was done to the harbor's sunken ruins.
Scholar Ailis: This city really is a wonder to behold.
Scholar Ailis: I appreciate the Magister's mentorship very much.
Scholar Ailis: Ventari taught us to act always with wisdom.
Scholar Ailis: These are dark times for all Tyrians.
Scholar Ailis: I'm so grateful for this opportunity.
Priory Historian: Our research here should lead to an amazing series of publications.
Priory Historian: The attack on Lion's Arch will never be forgotten.
Priory Historian: Glad I'm not diving down to those ruins alone.
Priory Historian: What a time to be alive. So much history in the making.