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Map meta event is a zone-wide objective that consists of multiple meta events occurring across multiple phases and/or areas. It is a special category of events, and not all zone-wide objectives are map meta events.



The reward coordinator interface box (tier 2, 82% participation)
  • Participation starts at 0% when a player first arrives in a map, and will be reset if a player leaves the map instance.
  • Players gain participation by completing events or adventures:
1 Only the first time per day.
2 No participation is gained when a player's participation is above 100%.
  • The maximum amount of participation is 200%, but any percentage above 100% is essentially a buffer due to the rewards being the same at 100% as 200%.
  • Failing to participate for over half an hour will cause the participation bar to decay by 1% every 10 seconds.
  • Leaving a closing map and accepting the Volunteer's Blessing will also result in the loss of all participation.
  • Participation is retained upon returning to the same instance of a map.
  • Any percentage above 100% will cause the participation bar to glow.


  • Map meta rewards are governed by the map tier and amount of participation that a player has; the higher the participation, the greater the meta rewards. This can be seen in the reward coordinator box, appearing over the players mini map.

List of map meta events[edit]

Crystal Desert[edit]


Heart of Maguuma[edit]

Verdant Brink
Auric Basin
Tangled Depths
Dragon's Stand

Shiverpeak Mountains[edit]

Drizzlewood Coast



  • The Silverwastes and Dry Top's meta events, while similar to map meta events by involving the entire map, are not map meta events. They were designed around the time of Living World Season 2 with the idea in mind that players should be able to work together toward a common goal. The idea was continued and iterated on in Heart of Thorns with the official creation of map meta events.[1]


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