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Secret of Southsun

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Secret of Southsun is a historical achievement category which tracked the events of The Secret of Southsun and Last Stand at Southsun during Living World Season 1. This category contains a series of achievements specific to the story line which unfolded in Southsun Cove, the Crab Toss activity, and some related miscellaneous achievements.


Secret of Southsun.png
Secret of Southsun (Historical)
Total achievements: 35 235Achievement points


Southsun Stalwart[edit]

Complete any 25 achievements.

Consortium Rewards Club Member[edit]

Complete 5 events on Southsun Cove while under the Consortium Supporter effect. Speak to the Consortium Negotiator at Pearl Islet to it.

Southsun Settler Supporter[edit]

Complete 5 events on Southsun Cove while under the Settler Supporter effect. Speak to the Settler Negotiator at Pearl Islet to it.

Southsun Sightseer[edit]

Visit each waypoint on Southsun Cove and cross the bridge between Dappled Shores and Driftglass Springs.

Southsun VIP Meet and Greet[edit]

Meet all 5 major NPCs in Southsun: Lord Faren, Lady Kasmeer Meade, Inspector Ellen Kiel, Researcher Levvi, and Subdirector Noll. Each NPC also has an achievement associated with it.

Crab Toss Participant[edit]

Speak to Karlotta to enter Crab Toss. You get the achievement just by entering the activity.

Crab-Carrying Competitor[edit]

Speak to Karlotta to enter Crab Toss and carry the crab 300 times.


Speak to Karlotta to enter Crab Toss, and at some point in the match be holding the crab while every other player is knocked down. Veteran Karka are very useful for this.


Speak to Karlotta to enter Crab Toss and steal the crab from other players 100 times.

Crab Toss Champion[edit]

Speak to Karlotta to enter Crab Toss win a single match.

Canach Trapper[edit]

Talk to the Lionguard Deputy to gain access to Canach's Lair Story Mode and defeat Canach.

Subdirector NULL Demolitionist[edit]

Defeat Canach's golem, Subdirector NULL, in Canach's Lair, in explorable mode.

Lair Light-foot[edit]

Complete the Canach's Lair dungeon, either the single-player story mode or the explorable mode, without walking or being pushed into a single trap.

Crazed Karka Queen Killer[edit]

Complete the Island Control meta event and defeat the Legendary Karka Queen.

Contractually Obligated[edit]

Complete Contractually Obligated. To start, talk to Inspector Ellen Kiel at Pearl Islet.

Southsun Omelette Gourmand[edit]

Visit Owain at Owain's Refuge, purchase a Karka Omelet from her, and eat it. You may have to complete her event first before she becomes a merchant.

The Goggles Do Nothing[edit]

Find the diving goggles near the top of the Karka Hive and successfully dive into the lava at the bottom.

Southsun Skinny Dipper[edit]

Swim in the water around Southsun Cove without wearing any armor. The easiest method is to visit the Pearl Islet resort, where you will automatically remove your armor (while in the resort only) and just run into the water.



Lair Light-foot might be a reference to Camp Thomas E. Lightfoot in West Virginia or Camp Lightfoot in Williamsburg, VA. The Goggles Do Nothing is a reference to a memorable phrase from the The Simpsons episode "Radioactive Man".