Sanctum Harbor

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the modern area. For the original version, see Sanctum Harbor (Memory of Old Lion's Arch). For historical information about the area, see Sanctum Harbor/historical.

Sanctum Harbor

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Map of Sanctum Harbor

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Sanctum Harbor is the main harbor of Lion's Arch. It contains the ruins of Old Lion's Arch, the Wreckage of the Breachmaker and divides the Grand Piazza from Fort Marriner.


Points of Interest
Point of interest (map icon).png Macha's Landing
Point of interest (map icon).png Moorookoo Village
Point of interest (map icon).png Moran Memorial
Point of interest (map icon).png Old Lion's Arch
Point of interest (map icon).png Phoenix Roost
Point of interest (map icon).png Wreckage of the Breachmaker
Vista (map icon).png Phoenix Roost Vista —
Climb to the top of the Phoenix Roost lighthouse.
Vista (map icon).png Old Lion's Arch Vista —
Swim underwater, east of the Wreckage of the Breachmaker PoI.
Personal waypoint (map icon).png Diverse Ledges
Personal waypoint (map icon).png Phoenix Dawn



Ambient creatures


Speed Boon.png Acolyte Ellyna Graidy
Ectoplasm vendor.png Apprentice Mekteki
Merchant (vendor icon).png Dive Master Astora
Transport Facilitator (map icon).png Lionguard (During Festival of the Four Winds only)
Transport Facilitator (map icon).png Lionguard Aircrew (After finishing Sparking the Flame)
Merchant (vendor icon).png Dock Worker (Fishmonger)
Merchant (vendor icon).png Dock Worker (Fishing Supplies)



Ambient dialogue[edit]

For previous dialogue, see here.

At Moran Memorial
Refugee (1): Did you just arrive? It's been days since we heard any news. What's it like back home?
Refugee (2): Bad. I'm just glad I got out. How did you manage it?
Refugee (1): Our families sold everything to secure passage on a corsair ship. It was only enough for two berths.
Refugee (2): You're lucky the pirates kept their end of the bargain. I stowed away on a smuggler's skiff out of Amnoon.
Refugee (2): She found me, but she was Elonian, so she didn't toss me overboard.
Refugee (2): She took me out into the Sea of Sorrows and flagged down a Pact ship. A Vigil frigate brought me the rest of the way.
Child: Those tengu creep me out.
Cub: I heard they shoot arrows into you if you get too close to their dumb gates.
Child: Maybe we creep them out.
Child: What's it like at the bottom of the harbor?
Tad: The corals around our village are very pretty and the seaweed is very tasty.
Child: I wish I could stay underwater as long as you can.
Tad: Then you could eat tasty seaweed, toOo.
Child: Yuck! (laugh)
Citizen: Not sure how I feel about this giant...lobster thing...
Citizen: It makes me feel kind of hungry.
Tad: Quaggan found some more pretty shells for your collection.
Child: Ooh, those are great! Thank yoOou! (giggle)
Citizen: You think it's okay to fish from here?
Citizen: I don't know. There sure are a lot of warning signs around...
Citizen: But I think I saw fish jumping, right out there.
Citizen: I wouldn't mind a nice fish dinner. How about I watch out for Lionguard?
At Macha's Landing
Lionguard Captain: No, no, no! What is that idiot doing over there?
Lionguard Captain: Are you trying to commit arson? Look around you.
Welder: Is it my fault those idiots piled up all this timber around me?
Lionguard Captain: Just watch where—
Lionguard Inspector Wholley: Help me out, here—which crates are your crew planning on sneaking off with today?
Foreman Joshua: I'd hate to ruin the surprise, Inspector.
Foreman Joshua: So you, uh, you heard about that thing with Gnashblade?
Lionguard Inspector Wholley: Yeah, you're on your own with that one. Unless you want to file a complaint, maybe give a statement on the incident?
Foreman Joshua: I look insane to you?
Foreman Joshua: (sigh) Look at this lot. All my best workers blown to the Mists by that crazy sylvari...
Foreman Joshua: There's nothing else going on in the city, so they've got you hassling me down here?
Lionguard Inspector Wholley: Just doing my part for the Council's new initiative to tighten up harbor security. I guess.
Foreman Joshua: Yeah, yeah. I've read the posted notices.
Lionguard Inspector Wholley: So you can read? Makes me wonder why you opened up that Southsun cargo before we could inspect it for invasive species.
Foreman Joshua: Funny thing—the Consortium didn't list stowaway karka hatchlings on their shipping manifest.
Foreman Joshua: (sigh) Who cursed me with this job?
Foreman Joshua: Maybe after a few days of smooth Black Lion shipments, Gnashblade will forget that one lost crate.
Lionguard Inspector Wholley: All this cargo is starting to blur together.
Lionguard Inspector Wholley: Whoever designed this place wasn't worried about triggering panic attacks in karka attack survivors.
Lionguard Inspector Wholley: Guess I had this coming. Asking the wrong questions of the wrong people.
Lionguard Inspector Wholley: Wouldn't mind owning a boat of my own someday. Maybe do a little fishing...
Lionguard Inspector Wholley: Can't say I'm looking forward to briefing Magnus on the mess down here.
Dock Worker (1): Gnashblade nearly tore the foreman in half for "misplacing" part of his shipment yesterday.
Dock Worker (2): No. Evon came down here himself? You, uh, you didn't say anything...?
Dock Worker (1): Pfft. I'm no rat. Still, I'd lie real low for a while, if I was dumb enough to do what you did.
Dock Worker (1): No one around here appreciates this kind of attention.
Dock Worker (2): Didn't think he'd miss one lousy crate... (groan)
Dock Worker (1): Just look at all those ships they got lined up for us in the harbor.
Dock Worker (2): You know it. Going to be a long one, pal.
Dock Worker (1): Since we're pals and all, how about you sign me out so I can hit Trader Jikk's early?
Dock Worker (2): Yeah, I'm all done doing that, "pal." Just so we're clear.
Dock Worker (1): This sylvari walks into a bar, but she trips over her sword, falls flat on the floor—
Dock Worker (2): I've heard this one.
Dock Worker (1): The bartender laughs and says, "Nice face plant."
Dock Worker (2): I said, I've heard it.
Dock Worker (1): And the sylvari just giggles and says, "Thanks. I just carved it off your bouncer."
Dock Worker (1): So then they tell me I'm just going to have to get used to working around them, like it's no big deal.
Dock Worker (2): Uh huh.
Dock Worker (1): And this was only weeks after one of those things tore up our city here!
Dock Worker (2): Right.
Dock Worker (1): I marched right up to the subdirector and told him I was done.
Dock Worker (2): That's good.
Dock Worker (1): I mean, no way was I going to stay on Southsun with all those stinking karka scuttling around.
Dock Worker (1): I don't know if I feel good about how the council has been spending our money.
Dock Worker (2): Why is that? The city looks beautiful.
Dock Worker (3): What are you two gossiping about?
Dock Worker (1): I'm just saying a lavish waterfront may not be the best use of our reconstruction funds.
Dock Worker (3): After everything Lion's Arch has been through, I think a makeover is just what we needed.
Dock Worker (1): (whistles) Look at that one. You sure are easy on this old sea dog's yes! Oh yeah.
Dock Worker (2): You don't have to say everything that pops into your head out loud.
Dock Worker: Be a pal, cover for me for a bit. What do you say...? Hello?
Dock Worker: Aw, no. Forgot to pack a lunch again.
Dock Worker: (burp) Ow.
Dock Worker: (groan) Someone, turn down the sun.
Dock Worker: Can't believe they let you practically live at that bar.
Dock Worker: Whoa. Was that you, or did the tide just go out?
Dock Worker: They don't pay me enough to listen to you all day.
Dock Worker: Our workload would go a lot faster if you, you know, ever did your share.
Dock Worker: You're a real piece of work, you know that?
Dock Worker: Not that I have anything against them, mind you. Some of my best friends are shrubbery.
Dock Worker: Please shut up.
Dock Worker: Pfft. Everyone's so uptight around here.
Dock Worker: Put me in charge, and I'll have things here shipshape in no time, believe you me.
Dock Worker: Can you believe the Lionguard let that thug just walk, after what he did on Southsun?
Dock Worker: Will this shift ever end?
Dock Worker: Thaumanova cleanup detail was better than this.
Dock Worker: I must be nearing the end of my lifespan by now.
In Moorookoo Village
Quaggan: (purr) Quaggans are together and safe.
Quaggan: The time is here for a new start.
Quaggan: Quaggan's tummy is grumbly.
Quaggan: Maybe someday quaggan will find a mate and have tadpoles too.
Quaggan: Quaggan is pleased to be home, but so many did not return.
Quaggan: Quaggan thinks this is a lovely community.
Quaggan: Quaggans will live here forever and ever.
Quaggan: Quaggan's mama decided to stay in Oogooth, near Mellaggan.
Quaggan: Quaggan's brothers might come live here too.
Quaggan: There's so much rubble in the water now. It will give the fish new places to hide.
Quaggan: Quaggan saw Ellen Kiel. She is... tall.
Quaggan: Do you like the new city? Quaggan thinks it looks hard.
Quaggan: Quaggans should build more pods.
Quaggan: Life is too short and full of foo. But we can swim!
Quaggan: Quaggan loves Lion's Arch
Quaggan: Oh, foo. Quaggan is hungry again
Quaggan: There is a place nearby where quaggans can cultivate fooOOood land.
Quaggan: Quaggan knows nothing about agriculture.
Quaggan: One of the empty pods would be good for storage
Quaggan: Maybe quaggan could be a smuggler. No one would suspect quaggan.
Quaggan: If smugglers come through, do not interfere.'
Quaggan (1): Quaggans are lucky to be in Lion's Arch.
Quaggan (2): Indeeeeed.
Quaggan (1): Quaggans can become agricoooltural.
Quaggan (2): Not a bad idea. Quaggans could better control food supplies.
Quaggan (1): Quaggan likes sticking to a routine.
Quaggan (2): Yes, quaggan knows.
Quaggan (1): Did you hear the story of Bloomanoo and Peneloopee's adventures?
Quaggan (2): Yes, quaggan did. SooOOooo harrowing! Quaggan is glad they made it back.
Quaggan (1): It's so nice to have tads in the community again.
Quaggan (2): They're adorable, aren't they?
Quaggan: The waters here have a city taste.
Quaggan: Quaggans must be smart and make sure there's plenty of seaweed in stock:
Tadpole: (purr)
Tadpole: Swim!
Tadpole: Quaggah hungry.
Tadpole: Quaggah pretty.
Tadpole: Coo hoo!
Tadpole: Mama!
Tadpole: Coo.
Tadpole: CooOOoo.
Tadpole: HooOOooo
Tadpole: Mama, looOOook!
Tadpole: Hee hee.
Peneloopee: Shoosh now, shoosh ooo OOO.
Peneloopee: The time has come to slee-eep.
Peneloopee: Let the water rock you...
Peneloopee: to the rhythm of the deep.
Peneloopee: Quaggan sings a dream...
Peneloopee: where you're a shiny bubble.
Peneloopee: Just a tiny nubble...
Peneloopee: afloat in a briny sea.
Peneloopee: OoooOOOoooo oooOOoOoOooooo
(Bloomanoo repeats)

Crafting resources[edit]

Fishing nodes
Fish resource (map icon).png Coastal Fish