Tower of Nightmares (point of interest)

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Tower of Nightmares

Point of Interest
Viathan Lake
(Kessex Hills)
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Tower of Nightmares.jpg
Tower of Nightmares, now destroyed

Interactive map

The Tower of Nightmares was a large tower built by the Toxic Alliance over the Lair of the Seawitch in Viathan Lake. It housed a gigantic toxic plant, the seed of which was given to the Toxic Alliance by Scarlet Briar to plant and protect.

At first the tower was veiled with illusion magic. Kasmeer Meade found a crack in its cloak, removing the spell and revealing the tower. Now visible, the Tower of Nightmares was surrounded by a Suffocating Toxin, preventing access. As soon as an antitoxin was manufactured by Marjory Delaqua and air purifiers were brought in, the Seraph, Durmand Priory, and Vigil managed to create access via three points and infiltrate the tower. After fighting up to the Heart of the Tower, Marjory's antitoxin was used to destroy the tower, leaving only the shattered remains of the tower standing.