Lion's Court

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Lion's Court

Lion's Court.jpg
Map of Lion's Court

Point of Interest
Grand Piazza
(Lion's Arch)
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Lion's Court (Halloween).jpg
Lion's Court during Halloween 2012 Act II.

Interactive map

The Lion's Court is a large glass-domed area in the Grand Piazza. Previously, it was a circular fountain that was placed in the middle of the Grand Piazza and consisted a large sculpture of a leaping lion in the center, atop a dome painted with a map of the world. Surrounding this dome was a ring of water with miniature ships and monsters magically navigating around the dome, with eight upright fish evenly spaced around the dome periodically sending spurts of water into the air.

The fountain was destroyed by Scarlet Briar and was missing most of these features, it has since been repaired but not replaced in the Grand Piazza.

Getting there[edit]

Run west from Gate Hub Plaza Waypoint.





Repairs (map icon).png Anvil
Activity (map icon).png Activity Lead Cassi
Merchant (map icon).png Merchant



  • The words encircling the fountain, translated from New Krytan mean "From ruin we prosper." This is the Lion's Arch motto.
  • During Halloween 2012, the writing changed to "Welcome to madness".
  • Over the course of Halloween 2012, during each act, the Lion's Court was changed. During Act I, it was cracked with golden light coming from the cracks. During Act II, most of the lion's underside fell apart, and the water was replaced with tar. At the beginning of Act III, it was destroyed by Mad King Thorn. During Act IV, it was replaced with a large seal with Mad King Thorn's emblem on it. This emblem remained until the The Lost Shores, where it was replaced wood planks; during Wintersday: The Wondrous Workshop of Toymaker Tixx, the base of the Lion's Court was mostly remade. Flame and Frost: Prelude completed the reconstruction.
  • The lion statue was destroyed, along with most of the city, in the Escape from Lion's Arch update. With the Festival of the Four Winds update, repairs to Lion's Court are underway, and a new statue is in the process of being mounted onto the metal framework. With the rebuild of Lion's Arch in June, 2015, the statue has been moved to Fort Marriner. In a poll, players voted to have the name stay "Lion's Court". The other option was to name it "Festival Plaza".