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Phase 1 of The Lost Shores started on 16 November 2012. Players will face the karka threat, a new dungeon, and a large scavenger hunt to find a way to defeat the karka.

To complete Phase 1, players must have completed the dynamic event chain leading to Noll before Phase 2 began (November 17, 12:00 PST); they can continue to pursue the investigation now. Some NPCs will appear in two places at once.[1]

Lost Shores[edit]

See also: The Lost Shores/Phase 1/dialogue#Invasion of Lion's Arch
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The Invasion of Lion's Arch meta event took place at the beginning of phase 1. Players fought waves of Karka near Lion's Gate and provided samples to Bardus. After the event finished, Inspector Ellen Kiel in the Grand Piazza in Lion's Arch charged players with investigating the reason for the attack. Karka start attacking Consortium locations in Caledon Forest and Kessex Hills.

  • Something has been stirring in the Sea of Sorrows.
    • The karka have attacked Lion's Arch. Speak to Head Researcher Levvi or Inspector Ellen Kiel in Lion's Arch to respond to the karka threat.
    • Speak with Lionguard Tyrro to learn about the mysterious rift.
    • Invasion of Lion's Arch meta event
  • Something has been stirring in the Sea of Sorrows.
  • Speak with Lionguard Tyrro to learn about the mysterious rift.


To help with the reconstruction of Lion's Arch, players are invited to donate building materials. This is done by combining Donation Packaging bought from Miyani with any three items of the same type in the Mystic Forge to obtain Captain's Council Commendations. These can be traded with Lionguard Lyns in the Grand Piazza. Donations stop after The Lost Shores event is over.


Lionguard Lyns

Lion's Arch Needs Your Help


As you know, Lion's Arch suffered terrible losses in the recent karka attacks. In addition to the loss of life and property, our lighthouse has been destroyed. That lighthouse was a symbol of our great city's history, not to mention an integral part of our daily shipping operations.

We are asking for volunteers to demonstrate the can-do spirit of Lion's Arch and contribute to the rebuilding of our treasured landmark.

I will be personally accepting donations in Lion's Arch. We need weapons, armor, trinkets, wood planks, metal ingots and food.

On behalf of the city, the Lionguard, and the Captain's Council, I think you for your generous support.

—Lionguard Lyns

Fractals of the Mists[edit]

The Consortium invites you and a party to adventure into the unknown nether realm of the Fractals of the Mists. This is a new type of dungeon that features multiple mini dungeons called fractals and an ever increasing difficulty.


Captain's Council, Lion's Arch

A Warning to All Residents and Visitors

The Consortium's asura gate near Fort Marriner is unstable and the Captain's Council has declared all use of this form of transportation to be "at your own risk." While it may be exciting to take an unguided jaunt to an open-ended adventure, we are compelled to put our citizens' and visitors' safety first. Any questions, complaints, or legal claims that resul from use of this asura gate should be taken directly to the Consortium.
If you decide to use this gate, the Council encourages you to be safe, have fun, and not die.

—The Captain's Council

Inspector Ellen Kiel's scavenger hunt[edit]

See also: The Lost Shores/Phase 1/dialogue#Inspector Ellen Kiel's Investigation

Inspector Ellen Kiel in the Grand Piazza asks you to investigate the possible reason for why Lion's Arch has been invaded by karka. Your search will take you to Consortium bases in Lion's arch, Caledon Forest, and Kessex Hills. There will also be Lost Shores events that coincide with these areas.


Inspector Ellen Kiel

Volunteers for an Ongoing Lionguard Investigation

To Whom It May Concern:

Responding to the recent karka attacks has left the Lionguard dangerously understaffed. I have therefore been authorized by Captain Magnus on behalf of the Ship's Council to deputize volunteers to assist with the investigation into the cause of the current crisis.
If you are interested, available, and qualified, please meet with me at your earliest convenience.

—Inspector Ellen Kiel



  • This quest chain was extended into phase 2 due to the myriad of bugs with the NPC spawns that prevented most players from completing it.

Intermediary mails[edit]


Subdirector Noll

A Friendly Reminder

As you well know, things are at a crucial juncture in regards to the Consortium's Southsun Cove project. Per orders from the Director's Office itself, until we can gauge the full negative impact of the karka attack on Lion's Arch, it is vital that you continue to obfuscate and misdirect any inquiries, especially those from the Lionguard and the Captain's Council.
Reminder: we're all in this together, but foul this up and you're going down alone.

—Subdirector Noll



Status Update

I did not care for the tone of your recent request. I need no reminder of my contractual obligations to the Consortium.
As for the requested update: The matter is being pursued by Inspector Kiel of the Lionguard and Researcher Levvi, an asura who hopes to improve her academic credentials. I expect the Lionguard to respond forcefully to the karka attacks, so we should stay out of sight and out of their way until the matter is resolved.
I am withdrawing from Lion's Arch to Garrenhoff until things quiet down. I suggest any and all Consortium employees adopt a similarly low profile
Do not contact me again. I will send word once I have determined it is safe to resume work on the project.




Sworn Statement

This is the sworn statement of Canach, Secondborn.
While under contract to the Consortium, I began Preliminary exploration and development of the island later known as Southsun Cove.
During the initial survey, my team located an unknown species of plant. My contract precluded me claiming or profiting from any animal, mineral, or magical resources on the island, but plant life was not mentioned. I therefore ordered my team to collect samples of the plant as they mapped the island and set up an asura gate to facilitate access to Southsun Cove.
I cannot swear to what provoked the karka attack on Lion's Arch, but I expect it was a combination of my team's presence and their activities on the island.
I regret my actions and the harm they have caused. As a show of good faith in the hope of ending the karka threat, I have enclosed a copy of the initial survey map and all accomanying notes.


Map of Southsun Cove

Miyani's scavenger hunt[edit]

See also: The Lost Shores/Phase 1/dialogue#Miyani's Scavenger Hunt

Talk to Miyani about the mystery of the karka. Talk to Lionguard Lyns (Commendation trader) and go through her dialogue options if Miyani does not bring up speaking with Zommoros. Zommoros will tell you that the karka are a dangerous threat. You will receive a mail from Miyani, who tells you that various races are affected by the invasion and asks you to check up with a Hylek, a Quaggan, and a Largos. You may need to log out and back in, or change zones, before you receive the mail.



More Information, and Our Thanks

Hello there,
I'm sorry Zommoros wasn't more forthcoming...his ego sometimes gets the best of him. We both appreciate that you're trying to protect our home, so I wanted to share as much information as I could.
The quaggans from Moorookoo Village fled to safer waters in the Caledon Forest, near the tengu stronghold. They may have experience with the karka that could help you.
There's also a hylek alchemist named Gukumatz north of the Michoan Marsh. He's an expert in potions, poisons, and caustic substances, so he may know one that's effective against karka.
The largos is a problem. I've heard one prowls the southern portion of Viathan Lake, so you should start there...just be very, very careful. They don't routinely socialize with other races, but they do like to test themselves, so you may be in for a fight.
I hope this helps. On behalf of myself and the Mighty Zommoros, good luck.



  • Search for the quaggan Pastkeeper Saballa near Stormwreck Deeps north of Sperrins waypoint in Ventry Bay, Caledon Forest. Her position is marked with a gold star on the map. You will need to rescue her in an event if she isn't present. You must jog her memory with items that remind her of home. There will be objects scattered on the seafloor, including Driftwood, Seaweed, and Sea Urchin Meat. You will need to give three pieces of any of the following: seaweed, sea urchin meat and a scallop. Saballa will tell you the quaggans ran away when she was a hatchling and hand you a Magic Scroll.
Map of alchemical supply locations.
  • Find Gukumatz in Michoan Marsh in Metrica Province, just north of Michotl Grounds waypoint, his position is marked by a gold star. A skritt thief will periodically steal his supplies and you must defeat the thief in the Catch and defeat the skritt thief event. He will hand you an Empty Alchemical Bottle and tell you to collect four elements. If you drop the bottle, it will be put back in your inventory. You need to pick up the essences. Each person may get a different order in which to pick up the elements: Fire, Lightning, Water, Earth or Water, Earth, Lightning, Fire (see the map to the right for their locations). Do not pick up Gukumatz's Mixed Alchemical Supplies. Then talk to Gukumatz again to receive an Alchemical Potion.


  • This quest chain was not extended into phase 2 and its content has been removed once phase 2 has started.

Assault on Morgan's Spiral[edit]

Primary article: Drive the invading karka out of Morgan's Spiral

Inspector Ellen Kiel

Additional Karka Attacks

The bad news keeps coming: the sylvari wardens of Caledon Forest report that karka are attacking the area just south of Morgan's Spiral. We need to stop this problem before it spreads any farther. Warden Lochlain is coordinating the response, so if you can help, report to him and join his stand against the karka.

—Inspector Ellen Kiel

Assault on Garrenhoff[edit]

Primary article: Drive the karka out of Garenhoff's harbor

Inspector Ellen Kiel

Karka Threat Spreading

More karka problems. the latest reports from Kessex Hills describe an all-out attack like the one we experienced in Lion's Arch. It's focused on Garrenhoff, and we need to keep it contained there. If you can lend a hand, report to Garrenhoff as soon as you possible[sic]. And be careful: the local wizard's tower is involved in some strange occurrences of its own.
Good luck,

—Inspector Ellen Kiel


Primary article: The Lost Shores/Phase 1/dialogue