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I turn my back on you, Mother. My solo voice of truth will dampen the cacophony of fools.

— A Soundless mantra for meditation[1]

The Soundless are a group of sylvari who have chosen to cut themselves off from the voice of the Pale Tree. Despite this, the Pale Tree can still contact Soundless sylvari if needed, though it would require more effort to do so. They have separated themselves from the Dream of Dreams in an attempt to escape the constant pressure and burden of it through a specific kind of meditation or mental exercise. These exercises need to be performed regularly to maintain their disconnection from the Dream and other sylvari, however they can never be truly separated from the Dream - only minimize their connection to it and their kin. These exercises were developed by one of the Firstborn, though which is unknown.[2]

By separating themselves from the Avatar of the Tree and the Dream, the Soundless in turn reject her protection, which leaves them vulnerable to the corruption of the Elder Dragons.[3] Most clearly this has been seen with the rise of Mordremoth, who had corrupted Soundless sylvari such as Aerin.

Their village is located in Ventry Bay, on the Weeping Isle. They once resided in Naulshead Refuge and Falias Thorp, but were driven off when the Nightmare Court came to recruit them.

List of Soundless[edit]

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See also[edit]

  • Scarlet Briar, who was not a member of the Soundless but was similar to them in that she was capable of keeping her thoughts and memories separate from the Dream and rejected the protection of the Pale Tree.[4]


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    <Character name>: I recognize this. It's a Soundless mantra for meditation, scrawled on someone's personal logbook.
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    Avatar of the Tree: There are those who reject my protection. It leaves them vulnerable in ways they cannot imagine, in ways they never were before. I shield you as best I can and will for as long as I can.
    <Character name>: You're talking about dragon corruption. We've been immune to it.
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