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Ministries of Cantha

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the Canthan government. For the Krytan government, see Ministry.

Cantha is the home to many ministries which deal with various parts of everyday life of the Empire from security to trading. The headquarters of these ministries is in New Kaineng City.


In the year 1747 CC (1237 AE) the Empress Haebaragi dissolved both the Celestial Ministry and the Ministry of Purity to create Cantha Ministries. Each ministry has a function and fulfills a different task, such as the Ministry of Security which is dedicated to protecting and safeguarding people's lives, the Ministry of Archives which is dedicated to compiling history, the Ministry of Transit which grants travel permits, to travel through Cantha, all these ministries serve in conjunction with the Emperor or Empress in turn.

Current ministries[edit]

Ministry Description Known members
Ministry of Agriculture[1]
Ministry of Archives[2]
Ministry of Commerce
Ministry of Culture[2]
  • TBA
Ministry of Energy[4]
  • Ministry of Energy Archivist Seung[5]
Ministry of Intelligence (MinTel)
Ministry of Interior[6] Appears to include, or be linked to, the Ministry of Fishing.[7][8][9]
Ministry of Investigatory Services[10]

Grants the authority to applicants to form a company that perform all duties, functions, and obligations pertaining to the operation and administration of a private investigation agency, subject to the laws, rules, and regulations set forth in MIS Private Investigation Agency Laws, Rules, and Regulations Code 512-PIA.

  • TBA
Ministry of Justice[11]
  • TBA
Ministry of Land Management[12] Manages land ownership and rights, including mining rights.[12]
Ministry of Plumbing[13] (MinPlum[14]/MinPlumb[15]) MinPlum deals with plumbing problems, such as clogged drains or toilets.
  • TBA
Ministry of Recreation[16]
  • TBA
Ministry of Safety[17]
  • TBA
Ministry of Security (MinSec)[2] The Ministry of Security is one of the most prominent ministries, overseeing law enforcement and justice in the Empire.
Primary article: Ministry of Security
Ministry of Trade[1]
Ministry of Transit / Ministry of Transportation[1] The Ministry of Transit grants travel permits for traveling around Cantha, as well as handles various intra-Canthan travel issues.[18][19]
Ministry of Urban Planning[2] (MUP)[20] The MUP focuses on the development and design of land use and the built environment, safety violations of buildings[21] and land-leasing.[22]
Ministers with unknown office
  • Minister Ishikawa[19] (possibly Trade)
  • Minister Niran[23] (possibly Energy)

Historical ministries[edit]

Ministry Description Known members
Ministry of Purity
Celestial Ministry



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