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Disambig icon.png This article is about the Canthan organization. For the norn shamans interpreting the Spirits of the Wild, see Speaker of Hoelbrak.
Banner used by the Speakers.

The Speakers are Canthan ecoterrorists, led by the Warden Tetra Earthcall, who chain down spirits, and they generally oppose the people of Cantha who use jade technology. They are at war with the Jade Brotherhood.


The Speakers began as a group of activists who opposed dragonjade, considering it to be a blight on the Echovald Forest. Upon the creation of the Xunlai Jade Junkyard, more people chose to join the cause. However, they felt that they were not being acknowledged by the government when a group of wardens led by Tetra Earthcall felt a call to come and protect the forests from the scourge of jade technology. The group then began using explosives and binding spirits as a source of energy under Tetra's orders.


The Speakers follow the teachings of ritualists from the time of the Affliction. They utilize spells to summon spirits from the Mists and employ rituals that bind ghosts to their will. Some Speakers cover their eyes in a similar fashion to revenants in order to better channel and trap spirits. They channel energy to both empower allies and to attack their enemies. Speakers also make use of the ashes of the dead in order to heal allies. Speakers intercept Xunlai Jade shipments and, usually, destroy the jade technology inside.[1]

Known bases[edit]

The Echovald Wilds
Dragon's End


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  1. ^ Ambient dialogue in Warden's Folly
    Speaker Guard: Find anything good in your raid on those supply caravans?
    Speaker Guard: Eh, just a whole lotta fish. You?
    Speaker Guard: Oh yeah (chuckle). Xunlai was trying to be clever. Hid a jade-tech shipment under a bunch of wrinkly vegetables. I figured there was something good inside when the "farmers" made it clear their radishes were worth dying over. Dug around in the vegetables and came out with some kind of useless automated something...
    Speaker Guard: So you gonna do the honors?
    Speaker Guard: Of destroying it? I don't know. We'll see what Tetra says, but I hope so.