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Balthazar's Mercenaries

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Heathen's Hold, the center of mercenary activity in Draconis Mons.

Balthazar's Mercenaries are a group of charr and human mercenaries hired by Balthazar to replace his White Mantle minions after he revealed his true nature and betrayed the cult in 1330 AE. On his orders, they erected the fortress of Heathen's Hold within Draconis Mons and fought against Pact forces within the volcano, imprisoning the White Mantle workforce sent to construct the fortress before his reveal. According to the Officer Mandate within Heathen's Hold, mercenary officers wore Houndskin Mantles so as to be more recognizable, indicating that Calamity, Golnik the Wicked, Kin Venomjab, and Ro Venombite lead the mercenaries. Later, surviving mercenaries moved on to Balthazar's Reliquary in Siren's Landing.


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