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Bastion of the Obscure

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Bastion of the Obscure

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Map of Bastion of the Obscure

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The charming of chaos, the taming of the Obscure.

Bastion of the Obscure

Bastion of the Obscure is an area within western Amnytas. It hosts the Obscure school of thought of Amnytas[1] originally led by Akeem of the Wizard's Court millennia ago, with the spot currently vacant. They attempt to explore, or at least be aware of, things of the world and beyond that cannot be known, including the presence of other realms, powerful deities, or the expansive planes of the Mists.[2]

Locations and objectives[edit]

Waypoint (map icon).png Bastion of the Obscure Waypoint —
Points of Interest
Point of interest (map icon).png Akeem's Tower
Point of interest (map icon).png Cartography Chamber
Point of interest (map icon).png Contretemps
Point of interest (map icon).png Natatorium Obscurus
Point of interest (map icon).png Relic Repository
Point of interest (map icon).png The Riftworks
Point of interest (map icon).png Spiritual Center
Vista (map icon).png Bastion of the Obscure Vista —
Mastery Insights
Mastery point (Secrets of the Obscure).png Amnytas Insight: Obscured by the Clouds





Faction Provisioner (map icon).png Astral Ward Protector [Faction Provisioner] (80)



Ambient creatures

Ambient dialogue[edit]

Astral Ward Skirmisher: Supplies are...dismal. I suspect we'll need to get more creative to survive a war of attrition.
Astral Ward Skirmisher: Got any number of weapons in the research labs. All experimental and untested, but better than nothing...?
Astral Ward Protector: There are a few tricks we could utilize... Akeem's collection of scrolls has been untouched for a century. What they contain—
Astral Ward Skirmisher: Is useless to us without them, we know this. We keep that room locked tight for a reason.
Astral Ward Skirmisher: Dare I remind you of the quaggan incident? That poor girl still vomits seaweed, even after the hex was lifted...
Astral Ward Mage: I need to get back into my lab immediately.
Astral Ward Mage: We were so close to tuning the dagger that Zommoros gave Isgarren.
Rift Hunter Warrior: Oh, I know. I still remember how challenging it was to merge Lyhr when it first arrived.
Astral Ward Mage: Alchemy... I've never heard him scream like that. Just holding it made him split.
Astral Ward Mage: You know Zommoros, though. Could've done it just to mess with us.
Head Experimenter Rhianwyn: I wonder how all of this...mess would have turned out if Akeem was still with us?
Assistant Mefi: Only Isgarren, Mabon, or Dagda could really say. They fell so long ago, right?
Head Experimenter Rhianwyn: Yes... We only have notes and stories now. Which are all...contradictory.
Head Experimenter Rhianwyn: One said they were a water djinn; another, earth... A third claimed no one knew for certain.
Head Experimenter Rhianwyn: Akeem spent much of their time shapeshifting into other species to learn more about them.
Head Experimenter Rhianwyn: Regardless, we follow their lead. Question everything. Never accept the reality presented in front of you.
Head Experimenter Rhianwyn: Doubt is just your mind telling you that you're asking the right questions.
Hologram northwest of the Spiritual Center
Rhianwyn: Akeem taught us to explore the many things in this world—and the next—that we cannot know.
Rhianwyn: The Bastion of the Obscure houses many mysteries that we've yet to crack.
Rhianwyn: But looking into the abyss is how we determine Tyria's next steps. Many of these unknowable things brought you to the ward.
Rhianwyn: The presence of the Underworld; the Spirits of the Wild. The Mists and their expansive, terrifying planes...
Rhianwyn: We may not know everything, but we must be aware if we want to thrive.
Near Ominous Grimoire
Voice: (chuckles)
Voice: What do you see when you open my pages...?
Voice: She looked on them long ago. And it drove the queen just mad...
Voice: Do you tempt it...?



Crafting resources[edit]

Fishing nodes
Fish resource (map icon).png Spire Fish
Resource nodes
Mine resource (map icon).png M?thr?l
Mine resource (map icon).png Mithril Ore
Mine resource (map icon).png Rich Mithril Vein
Mine resource (map icon).png Rich Orichalcum Vein
Wood resource (map icon).png ?!?!
Wood resource (map icon).png Red Oak Sapling
Wood resource (map icon).png This is a tree!
Plant resource (map icon).png BARRIES
Plant resource (map icon).png Coral
Plant resource (map icon).png Seaweed
Plant resource (map icon).png Sugar Pumpkin


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    Each bastion represents a different magical school of thought, where the wizards share their ancient knowledge with the Astral Ward.
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