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The Mesmer Collective is, as the name implies, a semi-secretive organization of mesmers. The identities of most of its members are unknown; to join, a mesmer must wait to be sponsored by an existing member and offered an invitation. The Pact Commander, despite their influence, has yet to enjoy this privilege.[1]

The Collective's purpose is shrouded in mystery, though they have been known to express interest in occurrences where mesmer magic is suspected to be involved. For example, the Collective sent Kasmeer Meade to investigate the veil surrounding Viathan Lake in 1326 AE, which was soon discovered to be an illusion concealing the Tower of Nightmares.[2] One possible purpose for the Collective may be the safeguarding of advanced or controversial mesmer spells, such as single-target illusions, which are known to be kept secret from outsiders and even neophytes within the mesmer community.[3]

Known members[edit]


  • Marjory Delaqua has referred to the organization as "The Great and Gorgeous Mesmer Collective".[2]
  • May be a reference to The Magic Circle, a secretive group of magicians whose conditions for membership include swearing never to reveal the secrets of magic to outsiders. As with the Mesmer Collective, candidates for membership must first be sponsored by existing members.


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    <Character name>: I don't believe she's in an order. She's in the Mesmer Collective.
    Braham: What is that, some kind of group for mesmers?
    <Character name>: Yes. You have to be sponsored. I haven't yet been invited to join.
    Braham: Why not? I mean, you're you—an important mesmer.
    <Character name>: I guess I haven't stayed still long enough to make the right connections.
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