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College of Dynamics

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Map of College of Dynamics

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Location within Rata Sum


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Banner of the College of Dynamics.

The College of Dynamics is an asuran scholarly society. The members of this college are typically enthusiastic about their highly experimental work, spontaneously imagining potential solutions to problems no one else yet perceives. They are known for devising ingenious, highly unstable and equally unpredictable contrivances, always on the bleeding edge of asura high magitechnology. Members of the college believe that an experiment is only a failure if nothing is learned from it. Dynamics is known to have an acute interest in charr technology.

Councillor Zudo is the dean of the College of Dynamics.


Points of Interest
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Ambient dialogue[edit]

Dynamics Expert (1): You fool. You're mistaken. The Eternal Alchemy doesn't control the reaction.
Dynamics Expert (2): The Eternal Alchemy controls every reaction.
Dynamics Expert (1): The catalyst controls the reaction. The Eternal Alchemy dictates the variables.
Dynamics Researcher: Have you reviewed my latest research proposal yet? What are your thoughts?
Dynamics Expert: It has potential, but I'm worried about the explosive nature of the work.
Dynamics Researcher: You believe it could revolutionize our field and make people rethink their most basic beliefs?
Dynamics Expert: I think it could blow up in your face. Add some safety protocols.
Gleea: My latest invention is a process through which dust transforms into potable water.
Zorann: Technically, a process is not an invention but a discovery.
Gleea: My next invention will be a closure system for your oral orifice.
Statics Expert Kepa: You dynamics people are all the same. If you can't attach it to a golem, you blow it up.
Jekk: We work on the edge for the sake of progress. I mean, who's ever heard of a bridge transforming society?
Statics Expert Kepa: How quickly they forget. Perhaps you remember a little event called the great exodus?
Jekk: Yes. In fact wasn't it a statics krewe that unearthed the destroyer nest in the first place?
Student (1): Should I choose Hydrone, Incinergen, or Opticalium?
Student (2): You don't choose a krewe, the krewe chooses you.
Student (1):: Well, I'm a genius and geniuses get to choose their own krewes.
Student (2): Geniuses start their own krewes, but you won't have to worry about that either.


  • Jeff Grubb has compared the College of Dynamics to chemical engineering.

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