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Bastion of Knowledge

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Bastion of Knowledge

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Map of Bastion of Knowledge

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The whole of Knowledge was once merely fragments of mystery.

Bastion of Knowledge

Bastion of Knowledge is an area within southeastern Amnytas. It hosts the Knowledge school of thought of Amnytas[1] led by Isgarren of the Wizard's Court. Not merely an archive of the history of the world, but a haven for those who want to know, its members want to uncover all secrets of Tyria, including the darkest ones.[2]

Locations and objectives[edit]

Waypoint (map icon).png Bastion of Knowledge Waypoint —
Points of Interest
Point of interest (map icon).png Cellar of Arcana
Point of interest (map icon).png Erudition Arcade
Point of interest (map icon).png Grand Library of Amnytas
Point of interest (map icon).png Isgarren's Tower
Point of interest (map icon).png Island of Cognizance
Point of interest (map icon).png Museum of Curiosities: Hall of Giants
Point of interest (map icon).png Museum of Curiosities: Main Gallery
Point of interest (map icon).png Pool of Reflection
Vista (map icon).png Bastion of Knowledge Vista —
Mastery Insights
Mastery point (Secrets of the Obscure).png Amnytas Insight: The Plaza of Wisdom



Astral creatures


Faction Provisioner (map icon).png Astral Ward Skirmisher [Faction Provisioner] (80)



Ambient creatures

Ambient dialogue[edit]

Hologram of Isgarren
Isgarren: The Bastion of Knowledge is not just an archive of the history of our world, but a haven for those who want to know.
Isgarren: A promise to know all we can. For all knowledge to be accessible, not stolen by broken earth or hoarded by selfish motives.
Isgarren: Here, together, we will uncover the darkest of secrets that Tyria desperately wants to keep hidden...
Isgarren: Knowledge, my friends, is critical to survival.
In the Grand Library of Amnytas
Astral Ward Protector: I don't know if I can do another shift with Wavering Heart while she's so...contentious.
Astral Ward Mage (1): You noticed, too? I heard her murmuring to herself about "rage from the abyss." She can get dramatic, but this is...
Astral Ward Protector: Scary? Maybe we should call on Narcisse. Get her evaluated. Oh, I don't know... I have bad days, too.
Astral Ward Mage (1): But she could be possessed. Hasn't killed anyone—yet—but if things turn south, we need to react.
Astral Ward Protector: We also need to trust her to tell us if she's in peril. She wouldn't sacrifice us needlessly...
Astral Ward Mage (1): Wording.
Astral Ward Mage (2): I don't...pray to the gods...but...
Astral Ward Mage (2): Next book I catch...will be scorched in Balthazar'
Astral Ward Skirmisher: I GOT ONE!
Head Archivist Wavering Heart: Deceivers in our midst... Liars, all... They think I don't see them. But I see everything.
Broca Steeltrap: Uh, ma'am? You're talking to yourself again.
Head Archivist Wavering Heart: Don't you see, Broca? Look at that book! And that one! The demons defile this library as we speak.
Head Archivist Wavering Heart: None can be trusted...
East outside the library
Peitha: The people of this world have such a fascination with…things. Baubles and books. Though, I do quite like the word "bauble".
Peitha: The Kryptis are not too dissimilar in that way, admittedly… Though, I could blame Eparch's lust for what is not his.
Astral Ward Mage (1): What do you think'll happen to Amnytas if we lose the spire…?
Astral Ward Mage (2): Purge those thoughts from your mind, There's no need to humor the worst evolution of events.
Astral Ward Mage (1): I'm being practical, here. If the spire falls, does Amnytas? Are we going to crash into the ocean?
Between the library and Erudition Arcade
Rift Hunter Warrior: What do you imagine we'll do with the…inhabitants of the fractals?
Rift Hunter Warrior: I can't imagine sending them back—I don't know if they'd survive the trip.
Astral Ward Mage: Well, we certainly don't have the space in the Wizard's Tower. We'll likely be knee-deep in damage control.
Rift Hunter Warrior: I would consider them our "damage control." They didn't have a choice in any of this.
Rift Hunter Warrior: Finding them a home is as important as repairing ours.
The roof of the Erudition Arcade
Astral Ward Defender (water djinn): Make your move, bird.
Rift Hunter Warrior (tengu): Do not rush me, moisture bucket. We're playing without a timer.
Astral Ward Scout: To play steadfastly in the face of destruction. Admirable perseverance.
Astral Ward Defender (d): A day and a half to make that move? Ah.
Rift Hunter Warrior (t): You judge? Try to execute a better Shining Blade Defense after being dealt the Krait's Gambit.
Astral Ward Scout: I would not lean on them for support right now.
By the museum
Astral Ward Skirmisher: Place is a mess without Ilse. And I doubt a skritt will keep things in order.
Astral Ward Protector: If you have any doubt that R'tchikk will throw all of her might into the role of museum director, you don't know her very well.
Astral Ward Protector: Especially with Glade at her side. Where they may fall short against Ilse's experience, they bring more heart.
Astral Ward Protector: And I think we could all use more of that. Especially now.
Astral Ward Skirmisher: Mm. I do remember when Ilse dragged me through the dirt for placing the augury scrolls out of order...
Astral Ward Protector: She follows Isgarren's path too closely, at times.
By the Pool of Reflection
Astral Ward Warrior (tengu): I'll be happy when we're able t move again. Somewhere tropical. Lower elevation…
Astral Ward Warrior (t): I miss the Dominion.
Astral Ward Mage (human): And I miss Elona. I wonder if this war would be better fought if we were further south…
Astral Ward Warrior (t): The closer we are to home, the more at risk they'd be. It's a hard truth…


Museum plaques

Crafting resources[edit]

Fishing nodes
Fish resource (map icon).png Astral Fish
Resource nodes
Mine resource (map icon).png Mithril Ore
Plant resource (map icon).png Leeks
Plant resource (map icon).png Flax
Plant resource (map icon).png Portobello Mushrooms
Wood resource (map icon).png Baoba Sapling
Wood resource (map icon).png Red Oak Sapling


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    Each bastion represents a different magical school of thought, where the wizards share their ancient knowledge with the Astral Ward.
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