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Crimson Skull

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Banner of the Crimson Skull.

I see Togo is still turning out idealistic fools. I was like you once, head swimming with ideas of nobility and honor. I shall tell you a is all lies. There is no honor, no nobility. Just money.

Captain Quimang

The Crimson Skull was a gang of pirates and thieves which terrorized Shing Jea Island and the multicolored waters.


Early history[edit]

The Crimson Skull cult presumably formed in the decades prior to the Jade Wind, as their presence was known prior to this event, though it did embolden them to attack more civilized regions. They treated death as both an object of veneration, and a way to become extremely rich.[1] Their members included ritualists, elementalists and rangers.[2]

Circa the mid-14th century CC, the cult began intermittently raiding the rural areas of Shing Jea and in the 200 years following, they began terrorizing more civilized areas.[2][1]

Guild Wars Factions[edit]

In 1582 CC (1072 AE) the Crimson Skull were led by Captain Quimang, a former student of Master Togo of Shing Jea Monastery. Their guild hall, Port Kaimu, located in western Shing Jea, was a fortified port formerly belonging to the people of Cantha.[3] Quimang sent orders for a Crimson Skull hunter to deliver an ultimatum to the people of Kaitan Village: pay two-thirds of their crops in tribute, or die.[4] He also sent a group of thieves to steal crops from the fields of Kaitan Village in the event that they did not pay up.[5]

Instructor Lo Sha of the Shing Jea Monastery ordered a mesmer student from the monastery to retrieve an ornate box from the Crimson Skull's camp in Kinya Province run by Sulmeng the Skull Staff. With the whole camp dead, Lo Sha of the Shing Jea Monastery allowed the information that he and his love Mei Ling would be meeting together with the enigmatic Box of Illusions to be released to local Crimson Skull, and they captured Mei Ling, bringing her to Port Kaimu. With the help of the student, Lo Sha managed to drive off the Crimson Skull.

Quimang, obsessed with money, initiated a raid on Tsumei Village following an unsuccessful attempt at persuading him to stop his attack on Shing Jea's inhabitants. Following the prevention of the raid, the Emperor's Blade instructed the future Hero of Cantha to slay Quimang, and they successfully slew him at Port Kaimu.

Winds of Change[edit]

In early 1590 CC (1080 AE), the Crimson Skull, led by Captain Pei Wan following Quimang's death, attended a summit for criminals from all over the world of Tyria, including Am Fah, the Elonian Corsairs, Crimson Skull, Jade Brotherhood, Peacekeepers, Stone Summit, and White Mantle.

This summit was infiltrated by the Hero of Cantha, who attempted to discuss with the Crimson Skull delegation about the plans of the Am Fah and Jade Brotherhood. While talking with First Mate Chi Lu of the Crimson Skull, she declared that the Crimson Skull no doubt had better boats than the Corsairs, while Captain Pei Wan simply instructed the disguised Hero to get away from him. The Hero managed to get the information that the criminals would be raiding Kaineng Center from the Crimson Skull Lieutenant Kao Li, who planned to raise the flag of the Crimson Skull high enough to be seen for miles around the city. After Kao Li expressed his disdain for the Corsairs, the disguised Hero declared that they doubted the Corsairs even had boats, much to the confusion of Li, who commanded them to leave before they caught whatever made them so unintelligent.

When the Hero was finally caught by the group they had disguised themself as, Kao Li declared in fury that they had murdered his former superior, Quimang, in cold blood, and drew his weapons. While the Hero fled from the meeting to Kaineng Center, the Crimson Skull, along with their fellow criminals, pursued them in an attempt to kill them for good. This ultimately failed, however.[6]

With the Hero having warned the Imperial Guard of the upcoming assault, they set up forces to defend the city center, culminating in a fierce battle which resulted in the deaths of both Apep, Unending Night and Reisen the Phoenix of the Am Fah and Jade Brotherhood respectively.

The Crimson Battle[edit]

Princess Haebaragi defeated the Crimson Skull pirates in the Crimson Battle at Haiju Plains in 1741 CC (1231 AE), after which Shing Jea Island was greeted with relative peace.[7]


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  • "May the wind be at your back" appears to be a common farewell among the Crimson Skull.[6]


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