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Disambig icon.png This article is about the dwarven kingdom and organization. For other uses, see Deldrimor (disambiguation).

The Deldrimor are a group of dwarves leading the eponymous kingdom currently residing in the Depths of Tyria. They have historically been known to be friendly towards other races. Following the Transformation of the Dwarves, all the Deldrimor have turned into stone dwarves to battle the Elder Dragon Primordus and his destroyer horde.


The Deldrimor kingdom was led by King Jalis Ironhammer during the time around Abaddon's demise and the Ascension of Kormir, with it being unknown if Jalis is still their king, though Ogden Stonehealer seems to believe he is dead[1] and the name of the Destroyer of the Ironhammer Line, a champion of Primordus implies he was killed by the beast. Historical kings include Droknar and Hundar, who died adventuring into the Secret Lair of the Snowmen and whose bones can still be seen today. Kings of the Deldrimor have been known to have aides who manage the affairs of the kingdom, such as Minister of Affairs Orozar Highstone.

The Deldrimor military was known to be quite powerful, controlling most of the southern regions of the Shiverpeak Mountains, led by Captains Hugo Bronzebeard and Sargen. They could not drive off the rival Stone Summit, however, requiring the assistance of heroes to slay their leader, Jalis's cousin, Dagnar Stonepate.


The Deldrimor were known to worship the Great Dwarf, with sayings such as "The Great Dwarf's power is upon you all," and "The Great Dwarf watch over you." being common. However, revelations during the Transformation of the Dwarves revealed that the Great Dwarf is actually the collective consciousness of the dwarves, so it is unknown if the Deldrimor still treat the Great Dwarf with reverence. The Great Destroyer, the herald was considered the ancient enemy of the Great Dwarf.

According to Deldrimor legends, the Great Dwarf's forge was located at Anvil Rock, a mountain later discovered to be a ley line nexus. In this area in ancient times, the leaders of dwarven clans would meet here for peace. However, this practice has been discontinued over the years.[2] The Great Dwarf was also said to have wrote the Tome of the Rubicon, an ancient artifact containing prophecies.

The religious aspects of Deldrimor life were led by priests, with the only known priests being High Priest Alkar and Ogden Stonehealer. It was also seemingly considered acceptable to worship the Six Human Gods within Deldrimor society.[3] Dwarves seemingly go to a area known as the Great Forge when they die.


The Deldrimor had a wide variety of legends, typically related to individuals who had committed some great feat. Legends include those of Azra the Sunslayer, a dwarf said to have fired an arrow at the sun and caused the sky to go dark, to Wossaul The Giant, who, among was dwarves, was considered giant. Many of these legends have been compiled in a book of lost epics named, aptly, Explore the Lost Epics of Deldrimor.



Shiverpeak Mountains


Guild Wars[edit]

While a group of Ascalonian refugees lead by Prince Rurik marched through the Shiverpeak Mountains after the Searing, Rurik initiated contact with King Jalis Ironhammer, who allowed them passage through the mountains. Deciding to ally with the refugees, he eventually was rewarded for his decision with the splintering of the Stone Summit into many different factions. However, the king's brother, Brechnar Ironhammer, was slain by mursaat while aiding the refugees in the Ring of Fire.

In 1078 AE, after Dagnar's death, the Deldrimor began to notice destroyers stirring beneath Tyria, battling these destroyers as they appeared. Jalis eventually transformed the dwarves into stone using the Hammer of the Great Dwarf so they could better battle their ancient enemy. Sometime after, most of the Stone Summit rejoined the Deldrimor and assisted them in the fight against the Elder Dragon Primordus in the Depths of Tyria.

The Icebrood Saga[edit]

Several months after the awakening of the Elder Dragon Jormag in 1333 AE, Primordus began to stir underground, attracting the attention of the dwarves. Destroyers, started attacking settlements around Tyria and the Deldrimor began sending their forces to the surface. Allied support was forthcoming, though Ogden Stonehealer, the representative of the Deldrimor, noted that in his opinion, those battling Primordus had joined the dwarves' cause, not the other way round.

The Deldrimor sent a group led by Locke Stonehealer to The Forge, a Deldrimor base near their former capital, Thunderhead Keep, to defend it against invading destroyers led by the Destroyer of the Last Forge. Allying themselves with another group who had come to aid them, the Deldrimor managed to drive off the destroyers.


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