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A buff refers to any positive effect on a player, such as a bonus to an attribute or effects that modify attacks. Boons are the most common type of buff. Other buffs include auras, boosts, and effects from a guild.

Conversely, a debuff refers to any negative effect on the player, such as conditions and control effects.

Common buffs[edit]

Combat related Buffs
Account bonuses

Apply equally to all characters on the account.

  • Gold Find.png Gold Find — Increases the amount of gold gain from killing enemies.
  • Karma Gain.png Karma Gain — Increases the amount of karma gained from completing events.
  • XP Gain.png XP Gain — Increases the amount of experience gain from killing enemies.
  • Magic Find (account bonus).png Magic Find — Increases the chance to receive higher-quality loot from slain foes.

Common buff sources[edit]

Common debuffs[edit]

  • Agony.png Agony, deals damage every three seconds. unique to Fractals of the Mists.
  • Bleeding.png Bleeding, Deals damage every second
  • Blinded.png Blinded, Next outgoing attack misses
  • Burning.png Burning, Deals damage every second
  • Chilled.png Chilled, Movement speed decreased by 66%; skill cooldown increased by 66%
  • Confusion.png Confusion, Damage received on skill activation
  • Crippled.png Crippled, movement speed decreased by 50%.
  • Fear.png Fear, Involuntary retreat; unable to act.
  • Immobile.png Immobile, Unable to move
  • Poisoned.png Poisoned, Deals damage every second; heal potency decreased by 33%.
  • Slow.png Slow, Skills and actions are slower.
  • Taunt.png Taunt, Involuntarily attack foes.
  • Torment.png Torment, Deals damage every second. Deals additional damage to moving foes.
  • Vulnerability.png Vulnerability, Damage and condition damage taken are increased; stacks intensity.
  • Weakness.png Weakness, Endurance regeneration decreased by 50%. 50% of hits are Glancing Blows (50% damage).
Control effects
  • Daze.png Daze, interrupts and prevents the target from using skills for a period of time.
  • Float.png Float, forces underwater target(s) to move towards the surface.
  • Knockback.png Knockback, interrupts and briefly disables. Move away from source.
  • Knockdown.png Knockdown, interrupts and unable to move or use skills for a short duration.
  • Launch.png Launch, thrown backwards into air and remain stuck on the ground.
  • Radius.png Pull, draws target to source.
  • Sink.png Sink, forces underwater target(s) to move away from the surface.
  • Stun.png Stun, disables all skills and interrupts any current action.

Common debuff sources[edit]