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The "Spirits of the Wild Theme" is a recurring instrumental theme composed by Maclaine Diemer which musically represents the Spirits of the Wild. The theme made its debut in the Whisper in the Dark release. It is often played by woodwinds.

Use in Guild Wars 2[edit]

The "Spirits of the Wild Theme" first appears as ambient music in Bjora Marches, signifying that the guiding presence of the Spirits of the Wild can still be felt in the increasingly corrupted region.

The theme returns in four variations with woodwinds and percussion in the Jormag Rising release as Braham Eirsson tries to invoke the Spirits' power via various ritualistic communions, when he speaks the Spirits' riddle, and when he ends up waking up the long lost Owl.

More variations of the theme appear in the Primordus Rising story step in Chapter 1: Truce of the Champions release as well as during Dragon Response Missions when various factions answer the Pact Commander's call for aid against both Primordus's destroyers and Jormag's icebrood which are assaulting populated regions throughout the world.

The theme joins with "Primordus's Theme" in the "Champion of Primordus" track in the Wildfire story step in Chapter 3: Balance of the Champions release when Braham Eirsson, guided by the Spirits of the Wild, battles the Destroyer of the Last King to reach the slumbering Elder Dragon Primordus. A softer variation of the "Spirits of the Wild Theme" plays when the Spirits realize that they need a harness to enter and influence Primordus, and they bestow their blessings on Braham so he can become the conduit as the Elder Dragon's champion. In the story step the theme is played by the large fujara woodwind instrument whose raspy overtones represent the union of Braham and the Fire Dragon.[1]

Appearances of the Theme[edit]

Below is a chronological list of identified uses of "Spirits of the Wild Theme" from past releases:

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