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Research Notes: Ancient Raven Lens

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Research Notes: Ancient Raven Lens

Item type
Bjora Marches.png Bjora Marches Historian
Account Bound
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Location within the Raven Sanctum library.

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Hint: Find all the notes and explore the Raven Sanctum.

— In-game description

Research Notes: Ancient Raven Lens is a research note written by Jhavi Jorasdottir about Raven's mysterious lenses and their purpose.


  • Complete the Raven Lens Scholar achievement in the story instance Silence. The book is not visible without it.
  • After completing the story instance The Invitation, return to the Raven Sanctum. It can be found on a shelf in the second (middle) room containing a raven statue.


Research Notes: Ancient Raven Lens

I can feel Raven's presence so strongly here in Bjora Marches. Like he's fighting Jormag and the Sons of Svanir's stranglehold on the region. He wants to help. I don't think it's a coincidence Almorra and I discovered these ancient Raven lenses in Darkrime Delves right around the time the fraenir arrived.

I don't know how or when these lenses were created, but it's clear they're very old. Several centuries, at least. They seem to react to the Raven shrines scattered around the wilds, revealing passageways and providing protection from the cold. The other day, the lens I was carrying even showed me an echo from the recent past, involving a norn patrol. I think it was teaching me how to use it.

I have theories about these lenses I'll never be able to prove. The things it can do—protect, teach, reveal—lead me to believe Raven bestowed them on our ancestors to defend against attackers. Maybe even Jormag specifically. I think that's why they're making an appearance again now. Raven wants us to fight back. To take down the fraenir and free the region. And as long as we have Almorra, I know we can do it.