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Storms of Winter

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Storms of Winter

Frozen Pass
(Bjora Marches)
Event type
Meta event
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Storms of Winter is a level 80 meta event that occurs in Frozen Pass, in Bjora Marches. The Fraenir of Jormag, using magic stolen from Raven, has summoned a massive blizzard around Jora's Keep, and an army of Sons of Svanir, Icebrood, Fallen, and Aberrant, are moving in. Keep Havroun Weibe safe while he gathers enough energy to counter the storm and call on Raven to protect the keep against those that steal his power.

Dynamic events[edit]


This meta event is divided into 4 sections:


Players are encouraged to build defenses around Jora's Keep to help defeat the incoming enemies. Bonfires periodically reduce frozen stacks on nearby players, and burn enemies that walk over them. Ballistas can be used to damage enemies at range. Firebombs can be picked with a flying mount or by gliding using the nearby Bouncing Mushroom and updrafts, and dropped on enemies to inflict minimal damage, Burning.png Burning and Weakness.png Weakness.


Players have to keep enemies away from the Raven shrines. The shrines are capture zones and completely immune to damage. As such, Svanir Bombers are best left ignored, since they never attempt to capture the shrine but instead try to damage players inside the shrine with their bombs, before going away. Instead, players should focus on normal foes to prevent them from capturing the shrines. Even if enemies manage to start capturing the shrine, the shrine will quickly regain all their alliance towards Havroun Weibe once enemies leave its capture ring. At times, portals will open that spawn more enemies, players can damage these portals to close them. The defense event is very long but of little difficulty.

Destroy the Shards and Ballistae

After the Defense phase's timer stops, a Claw of Jormag will fly overhead and drop Dragon Crystals on the Raven Shrines, destroying their barriers. Near each shrine, three ballistae will be built by the Svanir. Players will need to destroy the three crystals as well as the nine ballistae. Icebrood and Corrupted Ice Formations defend the crystals, while Sons of Svanir Engineers will attempt to rebuild and man the ballistae until all three on each end are destroyed.

The Icebrood Construct
Primary article: Defeat the icebrood construct before it reaches Havroun Weibe

After all ballistae and crystals are destroyed, Fraenir of Jormag will summon a Legendary Icebrood Construct which slowly marches towards Jora's Keep. The Construct will march along the road towards the Keep, instead of taking a straight route. Players have to pull chains from nearby rocks into the construct. Once the construct walks far away from the starting point of the chains, if it is chained by at least 6 chains, its legs break. If not, it keeps going forward and another chaining point appears.

If the Construct's legs are broken, they will be reformed after about a minute and continue its march. The event fails if the Construct reaches the edge of the last cliff near the northern Raven Shrine.

If the event fails, the blizzard remains across the map for 20 minutes.

Icebrood champions

If the Icebrood Construct is destroyed, Raven will appear and end the blizzard, opening up the Asgeir's Legacy area. A group of bonus events starts in Asgeir's Legacy, with four champion foes appearing. These champions have randomized bounty effects applied to them. Asgeir's Legacy also has access to various mining gathering nodes, Norn and Essence chests, and a Mastery Point.

Eventually, a light snowstorm returns to Bjora Marches, and this area reverts to being inaccessible.

Event schedule[edit]

Previous 2 hoursNext 2 hours
00:00 UTC


Preparing defenses around Jora's Keep
Havroun Weibe: You feel that? Temperature drop. Shift in the wind. Electricity in the air. The fraenir is watching.
Havroun Weibe: The storm will be on us soon. Reinforce defense!
Havroun Weibe: The fraenir may possess stolen Raven magic, but mine is stronger. With enough energy, I can counter the storm.
Havroun Weibe: Hold the Raven shrines for as long as you can while I work!
Havroun Weibe: The storm is on us!
A Blizzard Sweeps In
A blizzard has moved into the region. Seek shelter or utilize Raven barriers to survive.
Defending the Raven shrines
Havroun Weibe: The icebrood are closing in. Defend those shrines!
Mist Portals Opening
The fraenir is opening Mist portals between the Raven shrines.
Havroun Weibe: The icebrood attacks seem to be slowing down.
Unknown: It's coming...
Havroun Weibe: Wait... You hear that?
Havroun Weibe: Claw of Jormag! Take cover!
Shards and ballistae appear
Havroun Weibe: That's it... The shrines are gone...
Havroun Weibe: I can maintain the energy I've collected, but we have to clear those shards.
Havroun Weibe: More Svanir reinforcements. They've constructed ballistae around the keep.
Havroun Weibe: We need to go on the offensive and take them out.
Unknown: Kill them...
Havroun Weibe: If we can push the Svanir back, we can repair the shrines and finish the ritual.
Havroun Weibe: Clear those Sons of Svanir positions! They have us pinned!
Havroun Weibe: Gone for now. Spirits willing, they'll keep their distance.
Havroun Weibe: Shamans of Raven, get out there and clear the ice from those shrines.
The Icebrood Construct appears
Icebrood Construct
The Icebrood Construct marches toward the keep undeterred. Chain its legs to nearby rocks to force it to stop and fight.
Havroun Weibe: That's... What has he done to Raven's magic? Spirits...
Havroun Weibe: We need to stop that thing before it reaches the keep!
Havroun Weibe: It's getting too close for comfort! Work together, and take it down!
The Icebrood Construct defeated
Havroun Weibe: That's it! Raven! Lend us your aid, and drive back those who steal your power.
Havroun Weibe: It's done. Raven has bestowed a protection spell over the keep. It'll drive the storm away.
Unknown: You're stronger with me.
Havroun Weibe: Thank you for your help. Because of you, Jora's Keep sees another sunrise.
Clear Skies
Raven has cleared all signs of the blizzard. Asgeir's Legacy is now accessible.
Fraenir's Ice Storm
The temperature has dropped, and the ice storm around Aesgir's Legacy has returned. Evacuate the area immediately!
Failing to defend the shrines
Havroun Weibe: The southern shrine is frozen. If we lose the other shrines, it's over!
Havroun Weibe: They've frozen the western shrine! Keep them from taking the others!
Havroun Weibe: We've lost the northern shrine to the ice. Quickly, move to defend the others!
Event failure
Havroun Weibe: They...they were too much for us...
Unknown: Don't you want to give up?
Havroun Weibe: I can use the last of my energy to repel our attackers, but...Raven has left us for now.
Havroun's Barrier Destroyed
Havroun Weibe's barrier has been destroyed. Raven has left Jora's Keep, and the blizzard will remain active.

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