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The Guild Initiative is an organization that is represented at Guild Initiative Headquarters and inside guild halls. It offers a variety of services to guilds and guild members. According to its leader, Dougal Keane, the Guild Initiative is an arm of the Tyrian Explorer's Society, operating with the endorsement of the five major nations of Tyria and the Captain's Council in Lion's Arch.


Guild Initiative NPCs may appear and disappear from particular locations depending on the current level of the guild that you are representing. The options offered will vary depending on your Guild permissions and whether your account has the Heart of Thorns expansion.

Service Guild Initiative Headquarters Guild Hall
Arena Proprietor (map icon).png Arena Proprietor 0No 1Yes
Basic Decorations (map icon).png Basic Decorations 0No 1Yes
Blue Team Coordinator (map icon).png Blue Team Coordinator 0No 1Yes
Reinforce Armor (map icon).png Equipment Repairs 1Yes 1Yes
Guild Initiative service (map icon).png Favor Broker 1Yes 1Yes
Free-for-All Coordinator (map icon).png Free-for-All Coordinator 0No 1Yes
Green Team Coordinator (map icon).png Green Team Coordinator 0No 1Yes
Guild Sound Technician (map icon).png Guild Anthems 0No 1Yes
Armorsmith (map icon).png Guild Armorer 1Yes 1Yes
Guild Banker (map icon).png Guild Banker 1Yes 1Yes
Guild Commendation Trainer (map icon).png Guild Commendation Trader 1Yes 1Yes
Guild Enhancements (map icon).png Guild Enhancements 0No 1Yes
Guild Hall Explorer (map icon).png Guild Hall Explorer 1Yes 1Yes
Guild Initiative Notary (map icon).png Guild Initiative Notary 1Yes 1Yes
Guild Miniatures (map icon).png Guild Miniatures 0No 1Yes
Guild Registrar (map icon).png Guild Registrar 1Yes 0No
Guild Initiative service (map icon).png Guild Requisitioner 1Yes 0No
Guild Sound Technician (map icon).png Guild Sound Technician 0No 1Yes
Guild Trader (map icon).png Guild Trader 0No 1Yes
Guild Initiative service (map icon).png Guild Treasurer 1Yes 1Yes
Weaponsmith (map icon).png Guild Weaponsmith 1Yes 1Yes
Invulnerability Coordinator (map icon).png Invulnerability Coordinator 0No 1Yes
Market Proprietor (map icon).png Market Proprietor 0No 1Yes
Master Scribe (map icon).png Master Scribe 0No 1Yes
Mine Proprietor (map icon).png Mine Proprietor 0No 1Yes
Guild Initiative service (map icon).png Mining Boost 0No 1Yes
Obstacle Coordinator (map icon).png Obstacle Coordinator 0No 1Yes
Red Team Coordinator (map icon).png Red Team Coordinator 0No 1Yes
Tavern Proprietor (map icon).png Tavern Proprietor 0No 1Yes
Guild Initiative service (map icon).png War Materials 0No 1Yes
Workshop Proprietor (map icon).png Workshop Proprietor 0No 1Yes
Guild Initiative service (map icon).png War Materials 0No 1Yes
War Room Proprietor (map icon).png War Room Proprietor 0No 1Yes


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  • You must be representing a Guild to use these services.
  • Your Guild must have been appropriately upgraded to use certain services.

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