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Captain Isaye Marriner (1198 AE—1287 AE) was the wife of Commodore Cobiah Marriner and a founder of Lion's Arch, as well as the mother of Dane. Isaye and Cobiah first met when they stumbled upon each other attempting to steal the Capricorn in Port Stalwart, but both were thrown off by the djinn that enchanted the ship. After being captured by the local authorities and sentenced to death, the pair managed to escape their execution together aboard the Pride when the Dead Ships destroyed the city. She later served as the pilot aboard the Pride.

By 1237 AE, she had returned to Kryta's service, becoming the captain of the royal vessel Nomad. She was also a supporter of the newly-founded Lion's Arch, one of the members of the Captain's Council, and had gained a reputation as the best pilot in the Sea of Sorrows. Cobiah was always grateful for her ability to keep calm in council meetings. An attempt on her life was made by her second, Henst, but the mutiny was put down and her and Cobiah married soon after.

By 1256 AE, the two had a fight, concluding with Isaye leaving the city. Cobiah had found her meeting with a Krytan agent, with copies of his notes from a council meeting. In fact she had been giving King Baede details of the Commodore's battles with Dead Ships in order to convince him that Lion's Arch was capable of protecting the coastline, but Cobiah was not to know this. She returned in 1256, aboard the Nomad II, as a prelude to the Great Krytan Blockade. She betrayed Cobiah several times during the siege, but he did not realize until close to the end that it was because the prince was threatening their son, whose existence the Commodore had no knowledge of.

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