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The following is a family tree of the Canthan Imperial line, showing all the known descendants of Kaineng Tah. A question mark (?) denotes that the exact dates are not known.
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510BE / 0CC
Unnamed wife Kaineng Tah
1st emperor
♔510–464BE (0–46CC)
Originally known as Kaing, he was the warlord that united the Canthan clans together and founded the Empire of the Dragon in 510 BE, which corresponds with year 0 in the Canthan calendar. Died mysteriously while hunting.
Thirty favored concubines
Unnamed elder sister
Fate unknown, but vanishes from the record weeks after Yian Zho took the mantle of emperor.
Unnamed elder sister
Fate unknown, but vanishes from the record weeks after Yian Zho took the mantle of emperor.
Unnamed younger brother Unnamed wife Yian Zho
2nd emperor
♔464–?BE (46–?CC)
Led a crusade against the Luxons, and went to war against the Kurzicks. In the end, both the Luxons and the Kurzicks were made vassal states although they were not conquered.
Many concubines Over two hundred sons and daughters
Empress consort of an unnamed emperor according to an old legend. Perished during the naga invasion of Old Kaineng City after her husband had fled and became the leader of the Celestials.[1][2]
Unnamed emperor
3rd emperor
Several dozen children with wife and concubines Several dozen children with wife and concubines
205BE / 305CC
Emperor(s), unnamed
Unnamed emperor
10th emperor
♔?BE–1AE (?–511CC)
Had more than one child. His eldest son, Chanang, defied his wishes and chose to follow the hero's path.
1AE / 511CC
Chang Hai
11th emperor, 1st ascendant emperor
♔1–?AE (511–?CC)
Birth name Chanang, eldest prince. Studied the ways of both the warrior and monk and set out to perform great deeds as a true hero of Cantha. His deeds were written down and became widely read in Cantha. First of the Canthan emperors to become "Kaineng Weh no Su" (Ascendant Emperor).
Unnamed sibling(s)
Given that Chanang was described as the eldest prince, there was at least one younger brother and possibly sisters.
221AE / 731CC
Emperor(s), unnamed
Unnamed emperor
♔?AE (?CC)
According to legend, during this emperor's reign the goddess Dwayna visited Cantha to test Karei circa 372AE (882CC) and would later personally induct Karei into Tahnnakai Temple upon his death.[3][4]
Emperor(s), unnamed
Unnamed emperor
♔?AE (?CC)
During this emperor's reign the wizard Magadore sucked life from Cantha's forests and converted it to magical energy which he planned to use to power a great magical war against the emperor. Zojun and an army of rangers and beasts defeated the wizard circa 572AE (1082CC), returning life to the forests.[5][6]
23rd emperor, 13th ascendant emperor
♔?–694AE (?–1204CC)
Cruel dictator, held mass public executions and heavy taxation. Murdered in a fire, started by rebels, that burned down the old Raisu Palace.
694AE / 1204CC
24th emperor, 14th ascendant emperor
♔694–774?AE (1204–1284?CC)[7]
Did not enact widely expected revenge on the peasants for his father's death; instead, he decried Singtah's most egregious abuses of power. Granted the stewardship of the Battle Isles to the Zaishen Order.[8] Commissioned the rebuilding of Raisu Palace, which he obsessed over, and is said to have breathed his last breath after taking his place on the new throne. During his reign in circa 772AE (1282CC), pirates assaulted the port of Dinfang and were driven off by Kitah.[9][10] Around the same time, he invited Jaizhanju to visit him in the Forbidden City to offer her a reward for keeping the Canthan countryside safe from threats and personally petitioned the Oracle of the Mists to induct Jaizhanju into Tahnnakai Temple.[11][12]
Unnamed emperor
25th emperor, 15th ascendant emperor
"It would fall to Senvho's successor to begin making right the inequities of Canthan society, an effort that would ultimately (in this scholar's view) fail."
~ Loremaster Ermenred
26th emperor, 16th ascendant emperor
♔?–872AE (?–1382CC)
Assassinated by Shiro Tagachi on the final day of the Harvest Festival.
Shiro Tagachi
*?–872AE (?–1382CC)
Resurrection and second death: 1072AE (1582CC)
Originally a loyal and ambitious guardsman and a descendant of Kaineng Tah. Was noticed by Emperor Angsiyan who appointed him as his personal bodyguard. Shiro later turned against Angsiyan and assassinated him on the last day of the Harvest Festival in 872AE due to the influence of Abaddon, but was also killed himself shortly after. Released the Jade Wind upon death. Became an envoy, caused the spread of the Affliction, and resurrected two centuries later only to be slain again and sent into the Realm of Torment as punishment, where he became one of Abaddon's generals and was defeated again in 1075AE.
872AE / 1382CC
27th emperor, 17th ascendant emperor
*855♔872–902AE (1365♔1382–1412CC)
Youngest emperor in Canthan history at age 17. Was instrumental in preventing the empire from falling into chaos following the devastation of the Jade Wind. Created the Dragon Festival. Populated Shing Jea with farmers, which led to the Tengu Wars. Was able to secure a peace treaty with the Angchu chieftain to declare the Aerie autonomous Angchu territory, delaying the onset of war but turning the Sensali tribe against the Angchu.
Unnamed emperor
28th emperor, 18th ascendant emperor
♔902–?AE (1412–?CC)
Described as a petty, small-minded man ill-suited to ruling the Empire. He formally dissolved the longstanding trade agreements with the northern kingdoms and denounced Cantha's ties with the Kurzicks and Luxons. His reign marked the beginning of the most isolationist period in Canthan history. It was either during his or his successor's reign when the demon Mang arrived in Cantha in 972AE and terrorized the country for years before Teinai defeated the demon.[13][14]
Unnamed emperor
29th emperor, 19th ascendant emperor
Unnamed wife Kintah
30th emperor, 20th ascendant emperor
♔?–1058AE (?–1568CC)
Died of old age. Mainly remembered for reopening trade and diplomacy between Cantha and Tyria in 1022AE. Conversed with Loremaster Ermenred during this period. Also known as a "man of the people."
The favored concubine of Emperor Kintah.
Chan the Dragon's Blood
A distant, disowned relative of Emperor Kisu. Joined the Am Fah. Thrown out of Cantha for illegal dealings with Luxon smugglers.[15]
Unnamed wife Kisu
31st emperor, 21st ascendant emperor
*1022♔1058–1127AE (1532♔1568–1637CC)
Sovereign ruler of a population of several hundred thousands. Respected and beloved by the Canthan people and considered a wise and benevolent ruler, though he was more withdrawn than his father.
Headmaster of the Shing Jea Monastery
*1007–1072AE (1517–1582CC)
15 years older than his half-brother Kisu. Lived in the palace with his mother and became close with his younger half-brother Kisu. Became headmaster of the Shing Jea Monastery and helped bring an end to the Tengu Wars. Slain by Shiro while protecting Kisu. His spirit was ensconced into Tahnnakai Temple for his service to Cantha.
32nd emperor, 22nd ascendant emperor
♔1127–?AE (1637–?CC)
Spent millions in platinum to arm his troops and defeat the warring Luxon and Kurzick factions. Unified the Canthan nation behind a strong national identity and began to remove all non-humans from Cantha with help from the Ministry of Purity.
Unnamed wife
*?–1219AE (?–1729CC)
Died when Raisu Palace collapsed and the Risen invaded during the Great Tsunami.[16]
Ha Rin
*?–1219AE (?-1729CC)
Died when Raisu Palace collapsed and the Risen invaded during the Great Tsunami.[16]
*?–1219AE (?–1729CC)
Eldest daughter. Died when Raisu Palace collapsed and the Risen invaded during the Great Tsunami.[16]
Brother, father,[16] or son[17] of Kyobok?[verification requested] Haebaragi's father.
♔1220–1231AE (1730–1743CC)[17][18]
Unnamed wife Hoon
*?–1219AE (?–1729CC)
Youngest son. Died when Raisu Palace collapsed and the Risen invaded during the Great Tsunami.[16]
First empress regnant of Cantha.[19]
♔1233–?AE (1743–?CC)[20]
Bitgaram's daughter.[18] Defeated the Crimson Skull pirates in the Crimson Battle in 1231AE (1741CC).[21] Disbanded the Celestial Ministry and defeated the Ministry of Purity after an uprising.[22][23]
Unnamed husband
Haebaragi's consort. Unknown if he was called emperor consort, prince consort, or other title.
Unnamed emperor
Taejeong's father.
Was the first emperor who Kuunavang, disguised as a human, revealed her true identity to.[24]
Unnamed wife
Taejeong's mother.
Unnamed wife
Ihn's mother.
Father of Ihn and Joon.[25]
Yu Dal-Rae
Joon's mother. A jade trader.[26]
Second empress regnant of Cantha.
Yu Joon
Illegitimate daughter of the previous emperor. Head of the Xunlai Jade company.
Joon's husband.
Yu Sung
Joon's daughter.


  • The Imperial Family of Cantha represents the longest known unbroken line of ancestral succession seen in the world of Tyria. According to the An Empire Divided document, the first emperor, Kaineng Tah, was said to have fathered over two hundred sons and daughters both with his wife and thirty favored concubines. Although the Canthan throne has not always passed directly from father to son, it has always gone to one of royal blood—at most, a first cousin (as seen in several well-documented cases). Until the reign of Empress Haebaragi,[19] the Empire of Cantha had always been ruled by the previous emperor's nearest male relation, and the title of "empress" had been bestowed only through marriage and had had little real power in the patriarchal Canthan society.[27]
    • It is not known when any late emperor's throne was inherited by the nearest male relation (e.g. some first cousins) rather than the eldest son, so the family tree above uses direct succession from father to eldest child for now.
    • Many emperors in Canthan history have met with unnatural deaths as assassination has been a Canthan tradition. However, Emperor Singtah's murder in the fire that engulfed Raisu Palace has been singled out to have been the most spectacular.

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