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Kyle Meade is Kasmeer Meade's brother. He incurred a great deal of debt while gambling with criminals in Lion's Arch, and his life was being threatened lest he pay back what he owed. The Meades' father loved his son, and he used family money to bail Kyle out. However, the father was not able to pay his own bills afterwards, and the Ministry Guard arrested him and put him in debtor's prison in Divinity's Reach where he was stabbed fatally while the Ministry confiscated the Meades' belongings.[1]


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  1. ^ The Origins of Madness: A Moment's Peace
    Kasmeer Meade: He was in debtor's prison. It's not what you think. He was a good father.
    Marjory Delaqua: How did he get into debt?
    Kasmeer Meade: My brother, Kyle, liked to gamble. He lost a lot. My father loved him, and he used family money to bail him out.
    Kasmeer Meade: They were going to kill Kyle.
    Marjory Delaqua: So then your father couldn't pay his own bills.
    Kasmeer Meade: That's right. So they took everything we had left, and they put him in prison.
    Marjory Delaqua: That's why you were looking for a job.
    Kasmeer Meade: And you hired me. I'll never forget how you saved me that day, Jory.
    Marjory Delaqua: I had no idea your situation was so...dark.
    Marjory Delaqua: He died in prison?
    Kasmeer Meade: Uh-huh. A nobleman in debtor's prison... Well, you can imagine what they...thought of him there. [...]
    <Character name>: How did he die?
    Kasmeer Meade: I'm ashamed to say, but since it's you, I guess it's okay. He was stabbed while in debtor's prison, paying the price for my brother's foolishness.
    <Character name>: Your brother?
    Kasmeer Meade: Kyle. He lost all his money and more gambling with criminals in Lion's Arch. My father spent our entire fortune to pay them off so they wouldn't kill him.
    <Character name>: Who put your father in prison?
    Kasmeer Meade: The Ministry Guard came to the house and took him away, along with all our belonging. Now, a minister lives there.
    <Character name>: They took everything?
    Kasmeer Meade: They let me keep what I was carrying and wearing, which meant I was able to keep my staff. It had been in my family for generations, on my mother's side. All else was lost—except the stuffed bear.