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Disambig icon.png This article is about the game mechanic. For other uses, see Healing (disambiguation).

Healing is a gameplay mechanic of replenishing health of the player or allies. Every character's most important source of healing is their dedicated healing skill, while most other skills and traits which provide healing can mostly only provide minor healing. The Healing Power attribute directly increases effectiveness of most outgoing and self-healing. The poison condition causes healing to be 33% less effective.

The regeneration boon, while not counting as "healing" in terms of other effects (e.g. Sigil of Benevolence), replenishes health over time.

The healed amount appears as a green number aligned with the healed character on the screen. No numbers are shown for characters already at full health.

The healing skill occupies the sixth slot on the skill bar. All professions have four unique healing skills to choose from, and some races provide a fifth choice as a racial skill. These skills generally only heal the caster, with a few exceptions like Healing Spring and Healing Breeze which provides an area of effect that can also heal allies but to a lesser effect.

In addition to the dedicated healing skill slot, all professions have some means to provide minor, supportive healing. For example, a warrior can use shouts to heal allies when using the trait Vigorous Shouts and engineers can grant regeneration boon to allies near them with their tool belt skills. However, healing in this manner often only supplements self healing and avoiding and/or reducing incoming damage in the first place rather than becoming a primary source of healing for one or more players. Life stealing is also a manner of healing available to necromancers and thieves. Both regular healing and life stealing can also be done by use of certain consumables or upgrade components.

Related skills[edit]

Healing skills[edit]

Refer to the Healing skills page for a full list of dedicated healing skills.

Other skills that heal[edit]

Profession mechanics that heal[edit]

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Related traits[edit]

Traits that heal[edit]

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Related equipment[edit]

Upgrade components that heal[edit]



Upgrade components that improve healing[edit]



Related consumables[edit]

Consumables that grant health regeneration[edit]

After consuming, you gain additional health every second, possibly gain a Vitality-buff and +10% experience from kills (except where noted). The additional Health gain is unaffected by Healing Power, but may be affected by the Medic-Healing-Bonus.

Consumable Level Duration Gain/s Additional Buff
Stick of Cotton Candy.png Stick of Cotton Candy 1 10m 15
Apple Tart.png Apple Tart 5 15m 15
Petri Dish Delight.png Bowl of Gelatinous Ooze Custard 5 60m 15
Apple Pie.png Apple Pie 10 30m 21
Bowl of Candy Corn Custard.png Bowl of Candy Corn Custard 10 45m 21
Heart-Shaped Cookie.png Heart-Shaped Cookie 15 10m 29
Moa Haunch.png Kastaz Roasted Poultry 17 60m 21
Banana Cream Pie.png Banana Cream Pie 25 30m 29
Warden Ration.png Shiverpeak Popper 33 10m 37 +40 Vitality
Grape Pie.png Grape Pie 40 30m 37 +40 Vitality
Pirate Hard Tack.png Pirate Hard Tack 41 10m 47 +40 Vitality
Pumpkin Pie.png Pumpkin Pie 55 30m 53 +50 Vitality
Raspberry Pie.png Raspberry Pie 60 60m 37 +40 Vitality
Glazed Pumpkin Pie.png Glazed Pumpkin Pie (15% exp) 60 45m 53 +50 Vitality
Peach Pie.png Peach Pie 75 30m 69 +60 Vitality
Mango Pie.png Mango Pie 80 30m 85 +70 Vitality
Bowl of Black Pepper Cactus Salad.png Bowl of Black Pepper Cactus Salad 80 60m 85 +70 Toughness

Consumables that grant health on kill[edit]

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