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Breaks stun 40px.png Skills that stun break will cancel control effects such as stun. These are often indicated by a "Breaks stun" skill fact on the tooltip. Certain traits will also break stun by granting stability upon being hit by a control effect. Stun breaks work on control effects which last for a duration. Fear and Taunt are considered control effects as well as conditions and can be broken.

Stun-breakable effects[edit]

Daze.png Daze
Fear.png Fear
Float.png Float
Knockback.png Knockback
Knockdown.png Knockdown
Launch.png Launch
Push.png Pull
Sink.png Sink
Stun.png Stun
Taunt.png Taunt

Related skills[edit]

Utility skills that break stun[edit]

Elite skills that break stun[edit]

Skills with special conditions that break stun[edit]

Related traits[edit]

Traits that break stun[edit]

Traits that benefit from breaking stun[edit]


Using a stunbreak while dodging will not remove the Daze effect.

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