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Disambig icon.png This article is about the guardian's special abilities. For the guardian general specialization, see Virtues.

Virtues are the profession mechanic for the guardian profession. They occupy the F1-F3 slots of the mechanic bar. These abilities apply continuous passive benefits to the guardian as that character adventures, or they can be activated as something similar to shouts, granting an immediate benefit to all nearby allies. Activating one of these virtues will disable its passive effect until that ability recharges once again. Each virtue has its own recharge so may be used independently of the others. Functionality for these skills unlock as players level. Virtue of Courage unlocks at level 17.

List of virtues[edit]

Skill Recharge Description
Virtue of Justice.png
 Virtue of Justice
25 Recharge time Burn foes every few attacks.
Activate: You and your allies inflict burning on the next attack.
Virtue of Resolve.png
 Virtue of Resolve
50 Recharge time Regenerates health.
Activate: Heal yourself and nearby allies.
Virtue of Courage.png
 Virtue of Courage
75 Recharge time Grants aegis every few seconds.
Activate: Grant aegis to yourself and nearby allies.

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  • The guardian's virtue mechanic went through a long iteration process. At one point, it was a shield around the guardian that absorbed damage; at another, it was a mechanic similar to the thief's initiative and called resolve, and although scrapped it became the basis of the thief's said mechanic. Months later, a concept of sacrificing a passive effect for a greater power was introduced and became the virtue system.