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Life force

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In-game screenshot of life force meter.

Life force is the necromancer's resource that fuels Death Shroud. Life force is gained when foes die nearby (approximately within a range of 1,200 units) and through certain skills.[1]. Death Shroud depletes life force and ends when it reaches zero. The base size of your life force pool is 60% of your maximum health, meaning it is indirectly affected by your Vitality attribute, and can be further increased by the Life Force Pool attribute linked to the Soul Reaping trait line, up to a maximum of 78% of maximum health (0.6 * (1 + 0.01 * points in Soul Reaping))[2]. The life force bar, located above the weapon skills, displays life force level relative to its full value. You will lose some of your life force even when you don't use death shroud.

[edit] Related skills

[edit] Weapon skills that grant life force

[edit] Underwater weapon skills that grant life force

[edit] Utility skills that grant life force

[edit] Skills with special conditions that grant life force

[edit] Related traits

Necromancer tango icon 20px.png Curses
Necromancer tango icon 20px.png Soul Reaping

[edit] References

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