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35 Recharge time  

Thief tango icon 20px.png Thief (skill list)
Profession mechanic
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Shadowstep to your foe and steal from them.

Range.png Range: 900

— In-game description [?]

Stealing is a mechanic unique to the thief profession. By using the steal skill (bound to F1 key), the character will shadow step to the enemy and steal an item from them. Stealing has no activation time and may be performed during other actions without interrupting the action, and can even be used while disabled. After an item has been stolen, it will be "pocketed" and replace your steal skill until used. Steal begins to recharge immediately in the background while the stolen skill is occupying its slot, so Steal will be available right away if it has recharged by the time the stolen skill is used.

Each enemy in the game has a small pool of possible items to steal. For example, a character may steal an egg from a moa and use it as a healing item, or steal feathers from it and use them to blind enemies and stealth themselves. In PvP the stolen items are profession-specific, for example the thief can get a Whirling Axe from a warrior. Players don't lose items stolen from them, the thief just gains access to the associated stolen skill.

Most items that can be stolen can be found as environmental weapons, and usually function in the same way. These ground items can interfere with stolen items, especially if the stolen item and the ground item are the same. Usually, the stolen skill will be lost if the environmental weapon is used, and vice versa.

Benefits from and recharge of stealing don't require the steal to be successful. Using Steal without a target in range will disable the skill for the full recharge time and award any associated bonuses for stealing. Similarly, using Steal on inanimate objects will incur the full recharge time without awarding an item, but the bonuses will be activated, and the Mug trait will damage the target.

[edit] Stolen skills

Skill Description
Blinding Tuft.png
 Blinding Tuft
Throw a handful of hair, vanishing in stealth and blinding nearby foes.
Bone Crack.png
 Bone Crack
Stun your foe
Branch Bash.png
 Branch Bash
Launch your foe, breaking the branch
Club Shockwave.png
 Club Shockwave
Smash the club on the ground, knocking down foes in a line in front of you.
Consume Plasma.png
 Consume Plasma
Gain all boons.
You become invulnerable.
Eat Egg.png
 Eat Egg
Restore health and initiative.
Exploding Venom Sack.png
 Exploding Venom Sack
Cover the target area in a poisonous cloud.
Healing Seed (stolen skill).png
 Healing Seed
Grants regeneration and removes conditions from yourself and nearby allies.
Ice Shard Stab.png
 Ice Shard Stab
Stab and chill your foe.
Mace Head Crack.png
 Mace Head Crack
Daze your foe.
Rusty Scrap Strike.png
 Rusty Scrap Strike
Bleed, poison, and weaken your foe with a strike from your rusty scrap.
Shoot Rifle.png
 Shoot Rifle
Shoot your foe, launching them back and making them vulnerable while pushing yourself back.
Skull Fear.png
 Skull Fear
Strike fear into nearby foes.
Throw Coral Shard.png
 Throw Coral Shard
Throw a coral shard at a foe to cause bleeding and vulnerability.
Throw Feathers.png
 Throw Feathers
Throw a handful of feathers to blind nearby foes. Stealth yourself.
Throw Gear.png
 Throw Gear
Throw the gear at your foe, stunning them.
Throw Gunk.png
 Throw Gunk
Throw gunk at target area to inflict a random condition. Creates an ethereal combo field.
Throw Lava Rock.png
 Throw Lava Rock
Throw a lava rock that burns your foe.
Throw Net.png
 Throw Net
Immobilize foes by throwing your net.
Throw Rock (stolen skill).png
 Throw Rock
Throw a rock to knock down your foe.
Throw Scale.png
 Throw Scale
Throw the scale to Bleed and Poison your foe.
Tooth Stab.png
 Tooth Stab
Stab and bleed your foe.
Use Staff.png
 Use Scepter
Use the scepter attack with a random effect.50% chance to stun your target with a Lightning Whip. 50% chance to burn the area around you with an unblockable Flame Burst.
Use Staff.png
 Use Staff
Use the staff to create random attacks.50% chance to damage and stun foes with a Chain Lightning that strikes up to three foes.50% chance to damage and burn a single foe with a Fireball.
Whirling Axe (stolen skill).png
 Whirling Axe
Spin and attack nearby foes. You can move while spinning.

[edit] Related traits

Thief tango icon 20px.png Deadly Arts
Thief tango icon 20px.png Shadow Arts
Thief tango icon 20px.png Trickery

[edit] Trivia

  • At one point during early development, stealing would force an environmental weapon in the character's hands. This was accompanied by a trait which allowed the thief to "pocket" the stolen item, which later evolved into the stealing system as it functions today.

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