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The tool belt is a special ability exclusive to the engineer profession which adds up to four tool belt skills to engineer's arsenal, based on the equipped utility and heal skills. Tool belt skills are activated by using the keys F1-F4. Functionality for the F4 slot unlocks at level 19.[1] Each of the skills equipped into the healing or utility skill bar slots fill one of the tool belt skill slots with another skill, such as ability to throwing an elixir instead of drinking it, triggering turrets to self-destruct, or other gadgets. Using a tool belt skill has no inherent effect on the corresponding healing or utility skills (such as triggering recharge time), and vice versa. All healing and utility skills, including racial skills, have tool belt skills available to the engineer.


Engineer skills[edit]

Slot Type Slot skill Tool belt skill Description
Healing Elixir
Elixir H.png
 Elixir H
Toss Elixir H.png
 Toss Elixir H
Toss Elixir H to randomly grant protection, regeneration, or vigor to allies.
Healing Turret.png
 Healing Turret
Regenerating Mist.png
 Regenerating Mist
Release a mist of healing liquid to regenerate nearby allies.
Redirect Arrow.png
Cleansing Burst.png
 Cleansing Burst
Detonate Healing Turret.png
 Detonate Healing Turret
Detonate your healing turret.
Device kit
Med Kit.png
 Med Kit
Bandage Self.png
 Bandage Self
Bandage your wounds and heal yourself.
Static Shock.png
 Static Shock
Use your A.E.D. to stun an enemy.
Utility Elixir
Elixir B.png
 Elixir B
Toss Elixir B.png
 Toss Elixir B
Toss Elixir B at a location, granting stability and one of the following boons to allies: fury, might, retaliation, or swiftness.
Elixir C.png
 Elixir C
Toss Elixir C.png
 Toss Elixir C
Toss Elixir C, converting conditions into boons for allies.
Elixir R.png
 Elixir R
Toss Elixir R.png
 Toss Elixir R
Toss Elixir R, curing conditions and reviving allies.
Elixir S.png
 Elixir S
Toss Elixir S.png
 Toss Elixir S
Toss Elixir S, granting stealth to allies in the target area.
Elixir U.png
 Elixir U
Toss Elixir U.png
 Toss Elixir U
Toss Elixir U, creating a random spell at the target location.
Personal Battering Ram.png
 Personal Battering Ram
Launch Personal Battering Ram.png
 Launch Personal Battering Ram
Shoot out a ram's head in front of you, crippling any struck foes.
Rocket Boots.png
 Rocket Boots
Rocket Kick.png
 Rocket Kick
Use your rocket boots to do an explosive kick that burns foes.
Throw Mine.png
 Throw Mine
Mine Field.png
 Mine Field
Plant five mines around yourself.
Slick Shoes.png
 Slick Shoes
Super Speed.png
 Super Speed
Activate your slick shoes, enabling you to move at superior speeds.
Utility Goggles.png
 Utility Goggles
Analyze a foe, applying vulnerability.
Flame Turret.png
 Flame Turret
Throw Napalm.png
 Throw Napalm
Throw a ball of napalm that explodes on impact, burning foes around target location.
Redirect Arrow.png
Smoke Screen (engineer skill).png
 Smoke Screen
Detonate Flame Turret.png
 Detonate Flame Turret
Detonate your flame turret.
Net Turret.png
 Net Turret
Net Attack.png
 Net Attack
Fire a net from your belt to immobilize your foe.
Redirect Arrow.png
Electrified Net.png
 Electrified Net
Detonate Net Turret.png
 Detonate Net Turret
Detonate your net turret.
Rifle Turret.png
 Rifle Turret
Surprise Shot (engineer skill).png
 Surprise Shot
Fire a bullet out of your belt.
Redirect Arrow.png
Automatic Fire.png
 Automatic Fire
Detonate Rifle Turret.png
 Detonate Rifle Turret
Detonate your rifle turret.
Rocket Turret.png
 Rocket Turret
Fire a rocket out of your belt that explodes on impact.
Redirect Arrow.png
Explosive Rockets.png
 Explosive Rockets
Detonate Rocket Turret.png
 Detonate Rocket Turret
Detonate your rocket turret.
Thumper Turret.png
 Thumper Turret
Release a shockwave of inertial force to damage nearby foes.
Redirect Arrow.png
Detonate Thumper Turret.png
 Detonate Thumper Turret
Detonate your thumper turret.
Device kit
Bomb Kit.png
 Bomb Kit
Big Ol' Bomb.png
 Big Ol' Bomb
Set a timed charge with a big blast that launches nearby foes.
Grenade Kit.png
 Grenade Kit
Grenade Barrage.png
 Grenade Barrage
Throw several grenades at once.
Weapon kit
Elixir Gun.png
 Elixir Gun
Healing Mist.png
 Healing Mist
Vent a healing mist, granting regeneration to yourself and allies.
Incendiary Ammo.png
 Incendiary Ammo
Burn foes with your next three attacks.
Tool Kit.png
 Tool Kit
Throw Wrench.png
 Throw Wrench
Throw a wrench that returns to you, striking foes each way.

Asura skills[edit]

Slot Type Slot skill Tool belt skill Description
Utility General
Pain Inverter.png
 Pain Inverter
Pain Transference.png
 Pain Transference
Send out a bolt that steals a boon from your foe and gives them one condition from you.
Radiation Field.png
 Radiation Field
Vent Radiation.png
 Vent Radiation
Vent radioctive [sic] gas to poison nearby foes.
Confusing Speech.png
 Confusing Speech
Confuse nearby foes with complex calculations.

Charr skills[edit]

Slot Type Slot skill Tool belt skill Description
Utility General
Battle Roar.png
 Battle Roar
Invigorating Roar.png
 Invigorating Roar
Let out an inspiring roar, removing weakness and vulnerability from allies and granting vigor.
Shrapnel Mine.png
 Shrapnel Mine
Booby Trap (charr skill).png
 Booby Trap
Place an explosive charge on yourself that is triggered by a melee attack.
Hidden Pistol.png
 Hidden Pistol
Hidden Pistols.png
 Hidden Pistols
Draw both hidden pistols and unload a volley of bullets on your foe.

Human skills[edit]

Slot Type Slot skill Tool belt skill Description
Healing General
Prayer to Dwayna.png
 Prayer to Dwayna
Blessing of Dwayna.png
 Blessing of Dwayna
Beseech Dwayna to restore health and grant regeneration to allies at target location.
Utility General
Prayer to Kormir.png
 Prayer to Kormir
Blessing of Kormir.png
 Blessing of Kormir
Beseech Kormir to remove one condition from your allies at the target location.
Prayer to Lyssa.png
 Prayer to Lyssa
Blessing of Lyssa.png
 Blessing of Lyssa
Pray to Lyssa, granting a random boon to allies and a random condition to foes at target location.

Norn skills[edit]

Slot Type Slot skill Tool belt skill Description
Utility General
Call Wurm.png
 Call Wurm
Eat Wurm Egg.png
 Eat Wurm Egg
Eat a wurm's egg to gain vigor and regeneration.
Call Owl.png
 Call Owl
Eat Owl Egg.png
 Eat Owl Egg
Eat an owl's egg to gain swiftness and regeneration.

Sylvari skills[edit]

Slot Type Slot skill Tool belt skill Description
Healing General
Healing Seed.png
 Healing Seed
Leafy Bandage.png
 Leafy Bandage
Use natural bandages to heal yourself and remove bleeding, burning, and poison.
Utility General
Grasping Vines.png
 Grasping Vines
Vine Shield.png
 Vine Shield
Block incoming attacks.
Seed Turret.png
 Seed Turret
Throw Vine.png
 Throw Vine
Throw a vine and trip your foe.

Living World Skills[edit]

Slot Type Slot skill Tool belt skill Description
Healing General
Antitoxin Spray.png
 Antitoxin Spray
Packaged Antitoxin.png
 Packaged Antitoxin
Throw a vial of antitoxin that converts toxic pollen, poison, torment and confusion into regeneration.

Related traits[edit]

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  • The inspiration for the idea of tool belt skills came from 1980's movie The Goonies character Data.


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