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Disambig icon.png This article is about the World vs World siege weapon. For the trebuchet in Battle of Kyhlo, see Battle of Kyhlo.



World versus World
Siege weapon

A trebuchet is a World vs World siege weapon that fires explosive shots or tainted cows over long distances of up to 10,000 units. The primary purpose of trebuchets is to destroy walls over distances too large for a catapult, although they can also deal reduced damage to gates and infantry, and cause a knockback effect. Alternately, the trebuchet can be loaded with tainted cows, which deal no damage but create a poison cloud.

Trebuchets also deal significant damage to enemy siege weapons, making them useful for defense in a similar manner to mortars.


Skill Activation time Recharge time Description
Turn Left.png
 Turn Left
250.25¼ ...
Fire (Trebuchet).png
80.25¼ 5 Fire.
Redirect Arrow.png
Fire Rotting Cow.png
 Fire Rotting Cow
80.25¼ 10 Launch a decaying cow that explodes in a cloud of poison.
Turn Right.png
 Turn Right
250.25¼ ...
Load Rotting Cow.png
 Load Rotting Cow
10 Load decaying cows that explode in a poisonous cloud when it lands.
Redirect Arrow.png
Throw Boulder.png
 Load Explosive Shot
10 Load shots that explode on impact.
Healing Oasis.png
 Healing Oasis
80.25¼ 60 Fire a shot that creates an oasis of water that heals allies.

Related world abilities[edit]

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Trebuchet Mastery
  • Increased the damage of trebuchet skills
  • Cow ammo now drains supply from enemy players
  • Increased the radius of trebuchet skills
  • Skill: Healing Oasis. Creates a water field that heals allies
  • Basic shots that hit enemy supply depots will now destroy 10 of the objective's supply



Regular trebuchets are built with Trebuchet Blueprints, which can be bought from a Siege Master for either 24 Silver coin or 24 Badges of Honor. Once deployed, they require 100 Supply.png to build.

Superior Trebuchets[edit]

Superior trebuchets deal 50% more damage than regular trebuchets and require an additional 20 Supply.png (120 total) to build. They are built with Superior Trebuchet Blueprints, which are made in the mystic forge.

Guild Trebuchets[edit]

Guild trebuchets are functionally the same as superior trebuchets. They can be built with Guild Trebuchet Blueprints, which are purchased for 12 Silver coin + 3 Guild Commendations from a guild commendation trader.



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  • The range of trebuchets is affected by their elevation; placing them higher up will allow the shot to travel further.
  • Trebuchets can be rotated to face any direction, although they are slow to turn completely around - bear this in mind before deployment.
  • A trebuchet has a health of ~80,700, and does 9,715 damage to regular walls, 4,857 to fully upgraded walls.[1]


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