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Control effects, also known as disables or Crowd control (CC), are a set of effects that temporarily prevent actions or movement and disable all skills for the effect's duration. All control effects will interrupt the target. The boon Stability provides immunity against control effects and some utility skills have the ability to break stuns and other control effects listed here.

Some enemies posses a Defiance Bar which renders them immune to the effects of both control and "Soft CC" conditions. These effects instead cause varying damage to the defiance bar. Depleting this bar will "break" the enemy, causing a strong negative effect, most commonly stun and increased incoming damage. The Unstoppable ability and Indomitable effects possessed by certain enemies render them totally immune to control as well as movement-restricting conditions like crippled or immobilized. Some foes also have specific non-boon stability effects which prevent most forms of control.

Control effects[edit]

Daze 40px.png Daze
Fear 40px.png Fear1
Float 40px.png Float
Miscellaneous effect.png Knockback
Knockdown 40px.png Knockdown
Launch 40px.png Launch
Push.png Pull
Sink 40px.png Sink
Stun 40px.png Stun
Taunt.png Taunt1
1 Fear and Taunt are both conditions and control effects.

Similar effects[edit]

These effects have similar functionality to control effects, except that traits which trigger on "disable" do not recognize them.

Petrified.png Petrified caused by Thief tango icon 20px.png Basilisk Venom
Elementalist tango icon 20px.png Freeze caused by Deep Freeze (Conjure Frost Bow)

"Soft" control effects[edit]

Some players refer to several conditions as "soft CC". Mechanically, they are not actual control effects (i.e. they don't interrupt when they are applied, and traits that trigger on "disable" will not trigger on them), but they serve a similar purpose of hindering an opponent's actions or movement. These effects also cause Defiance Bar damage over time.

Blind 40px.png Blind
Chilled 40px.png Chilled
Crippled 40px.png Crippled
Immobile 40px.png Immobile
Slow 40px.png Slow
Weakness 40px.png Weakness

Certain enemies are only vulnerable to specific conditions. For example, Warg Bloodhounds and Charged Souls can only be effectively hindered through use of conditions which reduce movement speed (Chilled, Crippled and Immobile).

Related traits[edit]

Many traits relate to specific control effects and can be found in the relevant page. The traits listed below apply to control effects in general.

Additionally traits which trigger when interrupting a foe using control effects can be found here.

Traits which activate upon an incoming control effect[edit]

Traits which activate upon disabling a foe[edit]

Traits which benefit from disable on foes[edit]

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